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Cash For Clunker Payments “Delayed”? Probably Not

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 25, 2009

Kossack Paradox13 explains:

Most companies I work with pay on a “net-30” or even “net-60” basis. One major corporation actually has a “net-90” policy. That means they do not pay the bill until 90 days after they get it. The CARS program was put into place on July 31. It’s now August 25th. That means the longest a bill could possibly be outstanding is about three weeks. I guarantee the dealerships involved have “net-30” payment policies for invoices, maybe more. In response to concerns raised by Congress, among others, the government has hired more people to process claims and is extending the deadline for rebate submission (the latter in response to problems with the website dealerships are to use to submit claims). All of this has been done within the first few weeks of the program. Most private companies would be proud to move so fast.

Rather than being an example of inefficiency and ineffectiveness, the CARS program has been a model of government action and solutions. Each issue that has been reported is a manifestation of a lesson learned, not a new and persistent problem.

Of course, most car dealers are Republicans, so they may have a wee bit of an ideological reason to push this meme, true or not.

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