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Tom Coburn: Heartless Liar

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 25, 2009

Go here to see him lie to one of his constituents about her husband’s brain cancer. traumatic brain injury*

Then go here to see him lie about the Veterans Administration.

We need a Dickipedia entry for this man.

*Thanks, Spot!

8 Responses to “Tom Coburn: Heartless Liar”

  1. Spot said

    Actually, PW, I think the woman said “traumatic brain injury,” which is more consistent with her husband’s need for speech pathology services.

    Coburn is indeed a heartless bastard. And you have to wonder how many of the clapping morons at the meeting are going to go and help this woman and her husband.

  2. Doran said

    Senator Shit-For-Brains-and-Flint-For-Heart Coburn.

  3. Charles II said

    Is there a Dickipedia?

    There should be.

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