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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 37

Posted by Charles II on August 28, 2009

I decided to improve on a very nice white rabbit that Bill Conroy put up. Unfortunately, I can’t get Narconews to post my comment. At any rate, if you want to follow the money down the Honduran rabbit hole, follow Bill Conroy as he follows the white rabbit.


Hillary contemplates the burn rate on Honduran Forex reserves

Rebelion has a 49 page compendium of stories from around the world about Honduras, put out by the Argentine Press Workers Union (UTPDA). This is an important document to read to get a sense of what Latin America sentiment is. While it reflects the worldview of the urban left, which is a minority, that worldview is grounded in history. Some of their assertions:

  • The point organization in the coup is UnoAmerica, which UTPDA calls an arm of the CIA
  • The US goal is to destabilize Venezuela, because it sees that as the center of anti-Americanism
  • The coup in Honduras is of a new kind, which might be called a “soft coup,” similar to what was done to Venezuela’s Chavez and Bolivia’s Morales.
  • Press concentration in the hands of an oligarchy is a crime against humanity, depriving millions of people of the comprehension necessary to make an informed judgment of events
  • In 2006, Former US Ambassador Charles Ford asked Honduras to provide asylum to terrorist Luis Posada Carrilles
  • Slightly off-topic. The twelve presidents of Unasur are demanding that the US not take on seven military bases in Colombia; they made it clear that the US presence worsens the drug problem. The US has no one to blame for this but itself. Without the backdrop of Honduras, it’s hard to see this sort of unprecedented unanimity among the leaders of South America. The bases will go in and create a generation of ill-will against the US.

    From Tiempo:

  • Micheletti sent three new proposals to the OAS
  • Micheletti denied radio reports that the military was preparing a countercoup
  • Micheletti complains that Zelaya wanted to put the image of a labor leader on the 1000 lempira bill
  • Demonstrations were peaceful, as protestors banged pots and blew whistles, but the Cobra units, um guarded the protestors in case they should take over of a location.
  • Thousands of students marched against required military service.
  • TeleSur:

  • Head of the General Assembly Miguel D’Escoto requested a special envoy to monitor humar rights
  • Zelaya will travel to Washington from Mon-Wednesday
  • Chancellor Patricia Rodas claimed that no fewer than 20,000 people mobilize themselves for the resistance every day in Honduras
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    1. That reminds me, Charles:

      The Minnesota Farmers Union sells farmer-to-farmer coffee from farmers in Honduras and Guatemala. Should I buy it? Or do we need to boycott all Honduran products?

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