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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 39

Posted by Charles II on August 31, 2009

Thanks to Nell in comments from yesterday’s diary, Human Rights Watch translation of a Report by the Honduran National Human Rights Commissioneron Honduras Human Rights Violations printed in 1994.

The Steelworkers Women of Steel has asked Hillary to protect Honduran women

Magbana of Honduras Oye has an article about the US bases in Colombia from a source that I would normally take with a grain of salt, but it has this interesting paragraph

U.S. ambassador William Brownfield, interviewed on August 19 by the Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo”, provided details that raised the level of worry even higher. “Will U.S. troops be fighting the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)?” the reporter asked? “Yes” Brownfield replied, “without any doubt”. Brownfield promised neighboring states that they will be informed of U.S. troop movements close to their borders with Colombia, but added that respect for borders is conditional: “everything depends on the nature of the operations, on what intelligence or monitoring brings us”.

Elvin Santos wants the “San Jose Accords” to be signed. The Supreme Electoral Court met privately with all the presidential candidates except Carlos Reyes, who declined “for reasons of health.” The candidates are warned that there are limits on the use of children, on saying things that might offend women, and on defaming other candidates.

Mirna Castro, pretend-Minister of culchah, was ejected from the National Library.

Rafael Alegria to Gustavo of Radio Globo, at today’s noisy demo: OAS meeting. The next few weeks are critical. A third person as person would not be acceptable? No. Only JM Zelaya Rosales. A second interview (I missed who is being interviewed): Elvin Santos is betrayed the nation. A series of deaths. Two brothers Araujo Araujo shot and killed, found in Cortillo. A Padilla, shot. An unknown person of Choluteca. A Colombian. Interview of a guy from Paraiso, Maximo Pineral, who is in Tegicigalpa, asking for food and clothing. Carlos Paz regarding Don Pepe Lobo (The PN candidate). Lobos says “It’s a new era!” Much of the interview is difficult to follow. A leader of the taxi drivers interviewed, Don Roberto, complaining about the inhibition of travel by the coupistas leading to burning more fuel.

The European Union is discussing taking up the Treaty of Association, dealing with commerce, political dialogue, and cooperation with central America— minus the Micheletti pretend-government. Miguel D’Escoto says the United Nations needs to restructure/renew itself, because the system which it has doesn’t correspond to the reality experienced by the planet (presumably multipolarity vs. the top-down structure of the UN). He points out that the US promised to eradicate poverty by devoting 0.7% of GDP to that end. In reality, it hasn’t even devoted 0.2 %… while spending “trillions on genocidal wars” over resources.

Al Giordano has a lengthy piece on the emergence of Afro-Honduran leadership.

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End of an era, sort of

Posted by Charles II on August 31, 2009

The Democratic Party of Japan swept the lower house with 308 seats vs. 480 total, ending over 50 years of occasionally interrupted one-party rule by the LDP. This does get rid of the loathesome Taro Aso, known as Japan’s Dubya, to be replaced by the DPJ’s Yukio Hatayama.

The major problem is that no one knows what the DPJ stands for. A coalition of sometimes contradictory parts derived in large measure from LDP refugees, it has a vague platform that includes forcing the bureaucracy to implement policy decided upon by government and improving social benefits. The one major tangible plus is that it is less militaristic than the LDP had become. The one major minus is that it looks very much like the LDP did 30 years ago. If it’s the end of an era, it may be the 1970s, minus Ronald Reagan.

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“Tort Reform” Doesn’t Lower Health Care Costs Very Much At All

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 31, 2009

Jason Rosenbaum takes on the people who want to make sure you have no recourse if they screw you. That is, the “tort reform” astroturfers operating on behalf of big business. Check it out.

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