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End of an era, sort of

Posted by Charles II on August 31, 2009

The Democratic Party of Japan swept the lower house with 308 seats vs. 480 total, ending over 50 years of occasionally interrupted one-party rule by the LDP. This does get rid of the loathesome Taro Aso, known as Japan’s Dubya, to be replaced by the DPJ’s Yukio Hatayama.

The major problem is that no one knows what the DPJ stands for. A coalition of sometimes contradictory parts derived in large measure from LDP refugees, it has a vague platform that includes forcing the bureaucracy to implement policy decided upon by government and improving social benefits. The one major tangible plus is that it is less militaristic than the LDP had become. The one major minus is that it looks very much like the LDP did 30 years ago. If it’s the end of an era, it may be the 1970s, minus Ronald Reagan.

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