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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 42/Update2

Posted by Charles II on September 3, 2009

Update2: El Libertador is reporting that they have proof that the persons who took 50,950,000 lempiras (about $2.5M) from the Central Bank were from the pretend government. The Secretary of Security of the pretend-government Jorge Rodas Gamero and Santos Enamorado, as well as Gladis Margarita Sánchez, Carlos Mejía y Otoniel Gross Castillo took out 40 million lempiras on June 24th. Using a check from the General Treasury, another 10 million was taken. The embezzlement was not performed, as was alleged by El Heraldo a member of the Zelaya government.

September 2 Demo

(Image from Chiapas Indymedia)

One can see footage of the aftermath of the attack on Radio Globo here. There’s nothing spectacular, but one can see the journalists that one only hears on the radio.

Brother John has a nice piece on the achievements of Caritas:

It was refreshing to hear these people, some of whom I’d already met, most of who have six years of formal education or less. They have begun to do what’s really needed for a democratic and just Honduras – to organize, to take responsibility for their lives and for their communities, to live as signs of the Reign of God, a reign of “justice, love, and peace.”

Update: LOTS of news today. According to Tiempo, General Douglas Fraser admitted on Wednesday that the plane with Zelaya on board did land at Palmerola. But, the General says, “it is a Honduran base, it doesn’t belong to the US. There are US personal but they had no participation in or knowledge of the arrival and subsequent departure of the airplane.” Fraser expressed his wish that there be a peaceful solution to the crisis and said that “The US ambassador (Hugo Llorens), on the same day suspended all aid and communication with Honduran authorities arising from the coup d’etat.” The latter, of course, is false.

Image from Spanish.Feeder
(Image from Spanish Free News)

Radio Globo was discussing the non-payment of salaries to workers by the coupistas. Channel 36 isn’t coming up. Radio Progreso has NotiNada, the news from the country where nothing is happening. Much later, an interview of a woman, Sara, a protestor in front of the US embassy, 45 visas had been canceled and nine more. The interviewee says that Obama is weakened and surrounded by enemies. She says they’re glad about the sanctions, but they want Zelaya there N-O-W. Now, a man, Franky, on the phone: the US is using dilatory methods to arrange for Zelaya to arrive at the last moment to bless the elections. The US hasn’t declared this to be a military coup. If they did they would have to cut much more aid. They haven’t frozen the coupistas bank accounts. Zelaya: If they install Pepe Lobos or someone similar, who is going to investigate the sacking of the public coffers (and the other deeds of the coup). Franky: The “Accord of San Jose” gravely weakens the president (Zelaya). The US wants to return him, but too late to guarantee that the elections are really free. The Frente and the artists will be doing a press round with Dario Euraque, just dismissed from his post by the pretend-government, on the cultural effects of the coup. On to NotiNada: They call Zelaya Companero Vaquero (something like Our Buddy the Cowboy). The coupistas ban certain words and redefine others. [For example] Rape comes from the Greek meaning… action permitted for human rights. Calm down and obey!… And if you don’t like it, a spank on the butt! (It goes on like this) Channel 36 is talking about the 1980s and the torture. They are clear that the US wants to use Zelaya to legitimize the coup. The victims of today are different, but the torturers are the same. A Mr. Lopez is now on: one of the “Christian” channels (Channel 57? owned by Pastor Evilio Reyes of “Abundant Life Church”, if I caught it correctly) produced a video clip which is being used by the coupistas. Demonstrators wrote “Coupista. Satanic palace. 666. Evileo the Pharisee” on the church.

The central unions and magisterial universities are on strike.

The State Department is apparently delaying the release of a transcript of PJ Crowley answering questions at press rounds. TeleSur reports on the session, which is not as of this moment posted. State is considering a broad range of aid suspension. Crowley says that the decision is due to the refusal of the government to accept the “San Jose Accord.” He said that the legislative and judicial powers participated as much as the military. He said that they would not recognize the presidential elections because they would need to be “achieved in a free, just, and transparent manner.” and not “under the shadow of doubt… they should be open to all Hondurans.” The Honduran pretend government called these steps “not very friendly” and said that the US was serving Hugo Chavez.

Central American businessmen lament the aid cutoff. General Romeo Vasquez singled out a Radio Globo journalist David Romero and Xenia Flores for “defamation, calumny, injury, and sedition.” Romero supposedly said that he knew that the high command was behind the attack on Channel 36 and Radio Globo, and Xenia Flores The accusation is so overblown that would be funny if it didn’t mean their lives were in danger.

Please forgive my crude metaphor. Hillary arises from her porcelain throne, leaving a floater. Statement by Ian Kelly:

The Department of State announces the termination of a broad range of assistance to the government of Honduras as a result of the coup d’etat that took place on June 28. The Secretary already had suspended assistance shortly after the coup.
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Short, Sweet, To The Point

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 3, 2009

Here is a plan of action for those folks wishing to ensure that we don’t get a health care “reform” bill that has mandates but no public option:

1) Call the White House switchboard: (202) 456-1414.

2) When they answer, simply state: “I have a message for President Obama and Rahm Emanuel: No public option, no deal.”

3) Hang up.

4) Repeat once a day.

5) Get your friends to do the same.

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