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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on September 4, 2009

Pretty in profile.


6 Responses to “Friday Cat Blogging”

  1. This is a pose that, in the Lady L.’s case, lends itself to a variety of interpretations.

    Such as: “Now do you see why they worshiped us in Egypt?”

    Or: “The birdies out the window look particularly enticing today.”

    Or: “Oh no, Alex is doing something stupid again. Better notify the catstaff.”

  2. Charles said

    Caption (on corporate portrait): “Our Founder”

  3. Here’s a photo of a tiny kitten in the house of Con Gollo in La Libertad, Lapaera, Lempera. Don Gollo got first prize in the Honduras coffee competition in 2004 but got shafted by an American investor in 2005. He’s trying to build up his family coffee business (totally organic) despite a series of disasters, including the tragic car accident that took one of his sons. By the way, the coffee is great!

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