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Friday Morning Minnesota News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 4, 2009


— The Rev. John K. Erbele, the pastor of a new local branch of a Montana-based Evangelical church was busted in a prostitution sting the other day. Ooops.

— Speaking of prostitution stings, Peter Hong — the guy who as Rod Grams’ chief aide was known as “Senator Hong” because he did all the intellectual heavy lifting for the former Channel 9 news anchor — was sentenced after being caught in his own prostitution bust last summer:

Former Republican political consultant Peter Hong was sentenced Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court to six days in jail and $750 in fines and fees after he was convicted last month of soliciting sex.

District Judge Margaret Marrinan also ordered Hong, 42, to attend “john school” — a daylong class where participants hear from law enforcement officers, health-care professionals and a “survivor” of prostitution.

— Speaking of family-values types exposing their feet of clay: Pat Kiley, a prominent local conservative Christian radio jock on KSTP, is at the center of a scam that bilked several of his followers and listeners out of millions of dollars.

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  1. Charles II said

    You might want to read an interview with Max Blumenthal on Republican Gomorrah

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