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Health insurance idolaters

Posted by Charles II on September 5, 2009

Health insurance as the golden calf

Image from via Bartcop

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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 44

Posted by Charles II on September 5, 2009

Update: Via Nell in comments, CEPR in comments (see also RNS):

IMF spokesperson Bill Murray indicated today that the Fund may not allow the de facto government of Honduras to have access to $164 million dollars that it was allocated on August 28.

Rebeca Santos, Finance Minister for the constitutional government of President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, told CEPR that their government had received assurances from the IMF that the de facto government would not be allowed access to these funds.

When asked if he could confirm this, Mr. Murray indicated that he could not officially do so, but also said “you should go with what you were told” by the Finance Minister.

An anonymous poster at Adrienne’s site points to the IMF press release. The IMF is increasing Special Drawing Rights (SDR), which has the effect of increasing the reserves a country has, allowing them to borrow more. Then, as I understand the process, they arrange actual loans through low-interest loans (PRGF or ESF) or regular loans (FBA or FCL).
Adrienne Pine believes that the IMF is delivering loans to the coup government and said so on PressTV. I have seen conflicting accounts and am trying to sort out exactly what is happening.

RAJ checks the math on what aid was cut off.

The Chamber of Commerce in Honduras has convened a Crisis Committeee. The banking system has lowered its rates by 2%. The Honduran business class has learned its lesson from the cutoff of aid: they need to be less dependent on the United States to absorb their exports. The Superior Court of Assessors will look into whether Zelaya did or did not give $200,000 to General Vasquez to conduct the survey planned for July, and they promise to blame Zelaya if they can’t find the receipts. That Court also claims to have found irregularities in the handling of ca. $60M, including ca. $2,500 for cigars, $11000 for portraits, $100000 for air transportation, $3.6M paid to Robert Meyering for consultation, and $280000 for check transfer. Let’s just say that this would be more plausible if they had taken a zero or two off the allegations. The pro-coup side turned out a decent-sized demonstration in San Pedro Sula to protest against Chavez and interventionism, and to allege that Chavez and Zelaya are partners in drug running.

CODEH (human rights) has alleged that during hours of curfew when the police and military had absolute control of the streets, over 100 people were murdered. The murders were committed with 5.56 mm weapons, identical to that used by the armed forces and the military.

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