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Haiti agonistes, 9/6/09

Posted by Charles II on September 6, 2009

Kevin Pina has produced a documentary, We Will Bend but we will not Break , showing the democratic revolution in Haiti that led to the inauguration of Father Jean Bertrand Aristide. He was villified by the right, and his presidency was subverted and ultimately terminated by the CIA. Bill Clinton is presiding over the wreckage.

Part I

Part II, focusing on literacy

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Honduras coup, Act III, Day 45

Posted by Charles II on September 6, 2009

Update: The Washington Post is apparently vying for a world record in producing repulsive editorials that portray the United States as nation of little Mussolinis. But this paragraph is correct:

By refusing to accept the Arias plan, Honduras’s de facto government — and its supporters in Washington — are playing into the hands of the Latin American left. The Tegucigalpa administration of Roberto Micheletti is trying to resist pressure to allow Mr. Zelaya’s return until the election is held and Mr. Zelaya’s term expires. That would serve to undermine the legitimacy of any new president and prolong the crisis indefinitely. That’s why the Obama administration was right to formalize a suspension of $31 million in aid this week and to join other Latin American governments in saying that “at this moment” it “would not be able to support the outcome of the elections.”

The rest of the editorial proves that enough concentrated bile is a hallucinogen. The call Zelaya Hugo Chavez’s “puppet” and tells its readers that the whole goal of US Latin American policy is to rally the nations of the region against the “anti-democratic abuses” of Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez. As opposed to say, the anti-democratic abuses of the United States and the Micheletti regime?

Tim Padgett of Time had a good editorial:

When the military hauls away a democratically elected president, it’s a military coup, period, regardless of who takes power afterward. It’s a rule that needs to apply not just in Honduras, but whenever the U.S. has to take on coupsters.

The disappeared
Image from COFADEH. 92,379 people have been disappeared in Latin America from 1950-1990

Via Adrienne Pine, The Real News has produced a terrific piece on what the coup is all about, with excerpts of the speech by Zelaya at George Washington. The proposition is clearly laid out. Coup supporter: Hondurans don’t want Hugo Chavez or communism. Zelaya: Hondurans want genuine democracy, with not only the oligarchs but all Hondurans included in shaping our national future. Students of history will recognize this as the debate at the origins of the (US) American democratic republic: the fear of mobocracy (based on erroneous history) leading to a defective confederacy and a second founding document, the Constitution, which required extensive revision. Students of contemporary affairs will see California’s crisis, in which demagogues have used referenda to cripple democratic government and deny rights to others. It’s really an impressive video, leading me to contribute to them.

I haven’t been able to get Radio Globo for at least 24 hours. But Channel 36 has been up. The resistance is protesting in Puerto Cortes, with a 400-car parade. The coupista newspapers seem exhausted. They’re down to alleging that Zelaya misused $60M in presidential funds for luxuries. The problem: the amounts are so exaggerated that they’re not plausible. Ramon Custodio, the disgraced human rights commissioner who claimed that people were being shot through the head with rubber bullets, claims that the US is practicing an economic blockade and has joined in with the corrupt ones. But the coupistas are correct that teachers are on strike Monday and Tuesday.

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