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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 47

Posted by Charles II on September 8, 2009

Limited posting today.

Radio Globo is back on the air. Unfortunately, it’s playing aggressive rap music, which is even more obnoxious in Spanish than in English. Channel 36 is also up, and playing the greatest hits of the Golpe, so to speak. But the stream chokes repeatedly. Vos El Soberano has film of Father Fausto Milla from August 14th. He calls inequality anti-Christian and calls the coup a crime as defined in Article 3 of the Constitution. So, we can guess who the next priest on the blacklist will be.

The Frente Nacional Contra el Golpe helda National Assembly, which I would guess is more a way of marking time than an attempt to re-formulate policy. But there are some things that are notable: they are working on a three month time horizon. That suggests that they are focused on using the election, which they are boycotting, as a means to de-legitimize the pretend-government. They also mention a resistance-wide meeting on September 11-12.


The El Heraldo quote  says, “The Honduran people are enjoying liberty, there is no crisis, what there is is dignity”

The photo of protestors was published by Tiempo and records recent events in Choluteca, where hundreds (thousands?) of protestors confronted presidential candidate Elvin Santos.

The State Dept has nothing to say about Honduras.

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Understanding the Consequences — Or Not

Posted by MEC on September 8, 2009

It kinda makes me wonder whether these people base their position on, y’know, thinking about it.

Would interviews with different groups of anti-abortion protestors get less contradictory responses, or are they all like this?

[Upon further consideration] Or, maybe, they’re just refusing to publicly state their real views, because they know that saying, “I think every woman who has an abortion should get life in prison” would make a lot of other people realize just how extreme the anti-abortion movement is.

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