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Understanding the Consequences — Or Not

Posted by MEC on September 8, 2009

It kinda makes me wonder whether these people base their position on, y’know, thinking about it.

Would interviews with different groups of anti-abortion protestors get less contradictory responses, or are they all like this?

[Upon further consideration] Or, maybe, they’re just refusing to publicly state their real views, because they know that saying, “I think every woman who has an abortion should get life in prison” would make a lot of other people realize just how extreme the anti-abortion movement is.

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5 Responses to “Understanding the Consequences — Or Not”

  1. Oh, exactly.

    Another goodie: Asking them why they oppose birth control. Since, you know, it’s impossible to abort a fetus that never was conceived in the first place.

  2. RobertaCA said

    Unbelievable. These people are out of their minds. I support choice and every female has the right to make that choice. Interesting interviews.And I was raised a Catholic.

    • The dirty little secret is that the true hardcore operatives — as opposed to the cannon fodder that are sent out to be warm bodies blocking clinic entrances — really do think women should be sent to prison — or executed — for having abortions. But they know full well that they can’t say this openly.

      • RobertaCA said

        I really think you are correct in that area. It is just amazing the discourse in the public these days. Are you clapping your hands that Tim Pawlenty will no longer be your govenor? I left MN in 2005 and came to Texas, I have to live with Perry. Watch a D–ch bag he is. I knew Obama was going to have a rough time, but this is just rediculous. It’s really sad. Thank you John McCain and Sarah Pailen.
        Big business is out to get him also, I pray to God him and his family stay safe.

  3. Oh, this is a good one. I posted it to my Facebook page, should start a nice toasty conversation this morning. :)

    Life begins with BREATH (RUACH).

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