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Well, The Speech Was Given

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 9, 2009

And CNN’s instant polling shows a 14% boost for Obama.

I think he just saved health care reform. Now let’s push him to keep the public option in it.

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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 48

Posted by Charles II on September 9, 2009

Update: Hillary makes good on nixing the MCC money:

MCC’s [Millenium Challenge Corp’s] Board today announced that, given recent events in Honduras that are inconsistent with a commitment to democratic governance, MCC will terminate two planned activities in the transportation sector totaling approximately $11 million from its Compact with Honduras. As a result of the meeting, MCC also will put on hold approximately $4 million of its contribution for work on the CA-5 road project jointly funded with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). MCC will continue with existing activities for which funds have been contractually obligated and with the administration of the Compact with Honduras to ensure proper use of funds. MCC also will continue to monitor the situation in Honduras in close coordination with the State Department and other U.S. Government agencies.

Honduras Oye points us to Zelaya’s speech at George Washington University, translated into English and with additional remarks.

El Heraldo proudly reports that Honduras has found yet another tenet of international law to break, applying “preventive prison” sentences to Delmer Castillo, Ismael Zúñiga, Julio Canales, Juan Carlos Rodas and Oscar Canales for participating in the demonstrations in Choluteca. Not for breaking any laws, mind you; just because.
Pretend-Finance Ministerette Gabriela Núñez says that the unified budget, which is supposed to be submitted by Sept 15th will increase by5.9% to ca. $6B. Revenues are supposed to supply about one-third of the budget. 47% of the budget for the central government, or ca. 26% of the overall budget, is slated for health and education.


With drums and harps, with pompon and baton dancers, the resistance marched . Nell notes in comments below that Tropigas (see the gorilla) is owned by a prominent coupista, Ricardo Maduro Joest.

David Hawley of the External Relations office of the IMF denied the Finance Ministerette’s claim that Honduras could use the $163M being distributed by Honduras to bolster the nation’s reserves. Hugo Noé Pino, principal auditor of the Executive Director for a Latin American branch of the World Bank explained that the money belonged to Honduras, not to the clown show running the country.

A US Commission, possibly including Adjunct Secretary of State Thomas Shannon, will travel to Central America to investigate the political conditions in Honduras

The adjunct secretary general of the OAS Albert Ramdin has second-guessed the organization by saying maybe they should have waited more than 72 hours after the kidnapping of Zelaya before delivering an ultimatum.

The Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon is being haled before the Supreme Court of Spain for having investigated disappearances in the Spanish Civil War. The ultra-right organization Clean Hands says that he knowingly submitted an unjust decision by declaring himself competent to judge crimes committed during the Civil War. 114,000 people disappeared during the Civil War. Garzon opened 25 mass graves. Since Garzon is one of those who is inclined to bring human rights charges in Honduras, this case has considerable moment.

Moises Lopez Alvarenga of the Superior Court of Auditors says that Gen. Romeo Vasquez will be investigated in the question of what happened to ca. $4.5M that Zelaya says he gave him. Vasquez denies receiving the money. The investigation is in the hands of coupistas.

Adrienne translated a list of people accused of being coupistas

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My Senator Knows His Geography

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 9, 2009

Watch him draw — freehand, from memory — maps of the United States.

This one he did in 1987:

This one he did last Friday at the Minnesota State Fair:

I am impressed.

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