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Well, The Speech Was Given

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 9, 2009

And CNN’s instant polling shows a 14% boost for Obama.

I think he just saved health care reform. Now let’s push him to keep the public option in it.

6 Responses to “Well, The Speech Was Given”

  1. Philospher said

    CNN’s ‘instant poll’ states that it is not a representative sample. Half were Democrats and 18% were Republicans. Some critical thinking would disapprove your statement.

    • Charles II said

      Who cares what Republicans think?

      At best they’re silly little sheep. At worst, liars and crackpots.

      And, a little more critical thinking shows that Obama moved the audience from 53% to 67% in favor. With an audience likely to be in the tens of millions, that’s a lot of people. Probably enough to lose the Republicans 5 or 10 seats in the 2010 elections if they continue to act like petty little twits.

      And Quinlan Rosner shows even better results with an audience that matched the voting proportions of the 2008 election.

    • MEC said

      Those percentages aren’t far from the actual political demographic these days. The Republicans have been shedding supporters like a Golden Retriever sheds fur in springtime.

  2. jo6pac said

    Talk Cheap.

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