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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 49

Posted by Charles II on September 10, 2009

More light posting.

The 2009 Copan Prize for Excellence in Overthrowing Governments (image from Vos El Soberano)

International Observatory for the Condition of Human Rights in Honduras, which FIDH, CEJIL, CIFCA, IDNHUCA, IEPALA, SERPAJ, and Solidaridad Mundial says that the conditions for elections do not exist. Micheletti doesn’t believe that the IMF will do what it has already done in freezing funds. Meanwhile he is talking to China. Well, unofficially. Through certain citizens that have ties there. In other words, “Huh?”

RAJ writes:

Despite what the State Department says about having “suspended” military cooperation with the Armed Forces of Honduras, the US Southern Command says that the FF.AA. of Honduras will participate in the Allied Forces Panamax 2009 maneuvers September 11-22. Honduras appears in the list of 21 countries that will participate in the naval exercises, TeleSUR, and many other sources are reporting.

My first thought: “Maybe they’re scheduled to be the Red Team?”

Adrienne translates a La Tribuna piece saying that business leaders are planning to offer discounts to people who vote in the coming election. Get a dictator with a Big Mac on the side.

Magbana of Honduras Oye has a film of resistance leader Juan Barahona with English subtitles.

UNAH, the national university, is occupied by students and workers. Luis Alfonso Sanchez Santos, Bishop of Santa Barbara, celebrates a mass of resistance. Plain clothes policemen detained Alexander Sansota, driver for TeleSur. The Committee for the Disappeared is monitoring the situation. The independence flame that traditionally passes through Central American countries will not pass through Honduras this year.

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University of Michigan Researcher: Obama Policies Can Reduce Poverty

Posted by MEC on September 10, 2009

Sheldon Danziger, the H. J. Meyer Distinguished University Professor of public policy at the University of Michigan, has analyzed the Obama Administration’s economic policies and concluded that they can reduce the poverty rate within a few years if these policies are made permanent.

Programs to help low-income families and unemployed people, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and food stamps, are important, and Obama’s policies have boosted those program. These antipoverty programs provide a return on investment (as economist Mark Zandi describes in this report [PDF file]): when people have more money to spend and buy more food, the producers of food and consumer goods have more work and create more jobs, which create more tax revenue. Helping the most vulnerable members of our society is the civilized thing to do, and it helps all of us.

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