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Question authority: here are FOIA resources.

Posted by Charles II on September 12, 2009

Want to read grandpa’s FBI file? Want to read your own? Want to read the kooky complaints filed against Keith Olbermann? Here are a bunch of websites that will help you with these and other tasks.

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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 51

Posted by Charles II on September 12, 2009

Update2: Adolfo Facusse was detained by Immigration in Miami and will be deported. [Added: I heard this on electronic media, but it’s up on Tiempo and El Heraldo.]

RAJ reviews the wisdom of Honduras selling off its grain reserves.

Strangely, Tiempo doesn’t seem to be reporting on the attack on Radio Globo, nor does El Heraldo. El Libertador does have a piece, as does La Tribuna.
Updated/revised: Although the staff of Channel 36 called the chemical agent “tear gas,” I don’t think it was. The bomb landed in a car park outside the building. That implies that exposure of staff was relatively low level. While CN and CS can cause vomiting and diarrhea, but at low levels? The description of its effects sounds more like a nerve agent such as sarin. Obviously, this is speculation. But I’d sure like to see a pathologist’s report. La Tribuna says it was pepper gas. That seems even less likely than CN/CS. However, an unusual agent, DM (diphenylamine arsine) is capable of causing the effects described by Channel 36 staff.
Micheletti. Image from Tiempo
(Image from Tiempo)

(From Channel 36) There was a bombing using a chemical agent which caused vomiting and diarrhea, of Channel 36 claimed by the “General Alvarez Martinez Movement” of “The Armed National Front” that has threatened death to a number of Zelayists. The motto: “The only good Zelayist is a dead Zelayist.” The bomb was thrown by the rider from a motorcycle in the dead of night (apparently 4:22AM).

Radio Globo seems to be fully back. David Munoz spoke from Santa Barbara saying Bishop Santos is preaching.

Squelching rumors of his return that circulated yesterday, Zelaya says he is in Nicaragua. He also says that, according to the Latin American Economic Commission, Honduran reserves have fallen to $1.9B and are falling at the rate of $30M/day (which would give the coup a bit over 5 months). The Congress is considering the budget. Micheletti’s visa was (finally) suspended. CIDH (human rights) has provided protective services for 11 Hondurans, including members of the Zelaya government who remain in Honduras. The EU has given advance warning to the Micheletti government that harsher measures are coming. This would include freezing 65M euros (about $100M) in assistance and limiting any contact with the pretend-government.

Betty Vasquez of the women’s movement has an interview in English here.

El Libertador has a piece which, after a long disquisition on Star Wars, describes the involvement of presidential candidate Porfirio Lobos in illegal logging. Strangely for a Partido Nacional candidate, he studied in the former Soviet Union. El Libertador has a profile of Ariela Caceres of Radio Globo, who began her career as a journalist at age 19, and could probably give lessons to Americans who call themselves “journalists.”

La Tribuna says (in Bizarro-speak) that President Zelaya will speak to the General Assembly of the UN according to ambassador Jorge Arturo Reina. The business sector claims to have withdrawn half of its funds from the BCIE.

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