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Teabaggers Recycling Old “Promise Keeper” Pics To Falsely Claim Huge Attendance At DC Rally

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 13, 2009

This is hilarious!

How fake are the crowd pics the teabaggers are using to claim huuuuuuge crowds? Some of them are recycled from old Promise Keepers events.


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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 52/Update2

Posted by Charles II on September 13, 2009

[snark] Apparently nothing is happening in Honduras. [/snark]

Update2: An interesting point about the suspended visas is that they included 14 Supreme Court Justices, and only 2 or 3 others. That implies that the State Department is holding the Supreme Court primarily responsible for the coup.

Channel 36 says Elvin Santos defies the government of Barack Obama via the statement of Mauricio Villedas cited below to the effect that Lllorens should beat it.

Radio Globo calls the pretend-government “a band of Bedouins,” and says that they are celebrating a false independence on Sept. 15, while the resistance is celebrating the Second Republic.

Brother John completes my day with an account of the march at Intibuca and some great photos. My favorite line:
* Short indigenous women …. were prominent in the march.

There is a world of truth in that.
Update: Stunning news. Bishop Luis Alfonso Santos offered Father Tamayo his own parish in Copan. As Vos says, this is the long arm of God’s justice. Now if only Father Tamayo can stay a step ahead of the federales.

Vos el Soberano links the bombing of channel 36 to Tegucigalpa Mayor Ricardo Alvarez, noting that in the 1980s, Alvarez was affiliated with Unido Universitario Democrático, a terrorist group that had the support of General Gustavo Álvarez Martínez. Also, Honduran planters are offering ca. $750/month and transportation to Colombian paramilitaries to guard their property.

Adrienne says:

The unspoken in all of this–since June 28th and before–is the drug cartels, which have more power than anyone, ANYONE, in Honduras. The ties between them (and they are firmly within the oligarchy behind the coup), the Colombian paramilitaries, the ongoing U.S. War on Drugs and the Honduran coup are so profound, and so unspeakable within Honduras, that they have been passed over in the press.

Bill Conroy has another very important article.

But was it [the $15M terminated by Millenium Challenge Corp.] really an aid cut?

MCC spokesperson Sarah Stevenson told Narco News last week that as part of her agency’s $215 million compact with Honduras, as of Aug. 31, MCC had “committed approximately $191 million to contracts; approximately $91 million has been disbursed” — actually sent to Honduras.

A simple math computation tells us, then, that MCC still has some $100 million in contractually committed funding to deliver to the putsch regime in Honduras between now and the end of 2010.

In fact, according to recent reports released by the Honduran Central Bank, MCC has delivered $10.7 million to Honduras since the June 28 coup — including $3.8 million in late August, a little more than a week prior to MCC’s funding-termination media show. And the balance of the MCC funding can be expected to continue to flow into Honduras, to the benefit of the putsch regime, to the tune of an additional $100 million, in the weeks and months to come.

U.S. Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens has previously stated that terminating the remaining $100 million in contractually committed MCC funding in Honduras would create major legal liabilities for the U.S. government. But that assessment seems to be a dodge, if not an outright fabrication.

Coupista El Heraldo says that Micheletti is saying that rumors were circulating that he had been kidnapped and extradited to various countries. I guess these rumors must have been circulating in right-wing circles, because I didn’t hear them on Radio Globo or Channel 36. El Heraldo also reports that “interim government” representative Mauricio Villedas says that US Ambassador Hugo Llorens should beat it.

The phones are ringing off the hook at Channel 36 with people celebrating the cancellation of visas for 16 or 17 top Honduran officials.
Channel 36: Don Anibal says that employers are threatening to fire people for attending marches. The channel’s video has been knocked off the air in much of the east, and in parts of Tegucigalpa, electrical problems prevent people from watching. Private enterprise is not giving any ads to channel 36.

Grahame Russell, Rights Action:

Juliana Vasquez is 79 years old. From the barrio of Villa Vieja, in Tegucigalpa, she has participated in every march of the National Front Against the Coup, since June 28. I met her on today’s 4 hour march that wound slowly, some 4 miles through poor neighborhoods in the south of Tegucigalpa, near the airport. How long will you keep on marching? “Until Mel returns.” Will you vote in presidential elections on November 29 if President Zelaya is not restored to power? “There will be no elections.”

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