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A lie gets around the world before the truth can lace up her boots

Posted by Charles II on September 16, 2009

I remember how much BS was put out about this, especially by Leftblogistaners who should have known better. From Danilo Valladares, IPSNews:

Nine suspects, including police officers and members of the military, have been arrested in Guatemala for the murder of prominent lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg, who had accused President Álvaro Colom of his murder in a video broadcast after his death….

Rosenberg, a 47-year-old Harvard and Cambridge-trained corporate lawyer, was shot on May 10 while riding his bicycle in an upscale neighbourhood in the capital.

His murder sparked demonstrations demanding that the centre-left Colom step down, after the posthumous broadcast of an interview in which the lawyer himself accused the president, in case anything happened to him. (In the interview, taped two days before his death, Rosenberg said “If at this moment you are hearing or watching this message, it is because Álvaro Colom had me killed.”)

Only, Rosenberg was probably wrong. And anyone who knows Latin American politics would know why.

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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 55

Posted by Charles II on September 16, 2009

Almost no posting today and out-of-pocket much of tomorrow. Read RAJ, Adrienne, HondurasOye, Nell, Brother John, RightsAction, Sandra, TR-Honduras, The Honduran Embassy, The Frente, Vos El Soberano, and many other sites that have allowed the voice of the resistance to be heard outside of Honduras.

Street Scene, September 12, from Chiapas Indymedia

Update: A report from Oscar. He says that the official Independence Day celebration was not much fun. They had to recycle soldiers from the events into the bleachers in the stadium to keep the stadium from looking empty. He said the resistance drew hundreds of thousands of people. Some excerpts:

The rich and famous have always enjoyed taking the profits they reap by exploiting the low cost of domestic manual labor, and flying first class to the luxurious commercial centers of North American cities. The visa, for them, is part of their identity. In the north they have their houses, their country clubs, their businesses and their savings. In the north their children study, they vacation, they relax far from the dusty and boisterous streets of Honduras. Now that they are condemned to share the mess that they’ve gotten us into with the rest of us Hondurans…

Two interesting facts about the visas we’ve been hearing so much about. Those who lost them are minor figures in the oligarchy. The lords and owners of Honduras, the major partners and friends of international capital still move freely throughout the world…

Enter the corruption scandal of Latinnode, a North American company found guilty in the United States in 2008 of corruption in a case which implicated [Ed: for crimes that I have never figured out] numerous high-level officials of the Zelaya administration. The names of the second, third and fourth most deeply involved officials had already been made public, Marcelo Chimirri, the ex-president of Hondutel who is currently in prison [Ed: I think he was arrested by the coup government over an unrelated matter and don’t think he was convicted of anything], among others, but the name of the primary official–supposedly the most important and who at one time was rumored to be Zelaya himself–was kept secret. Now the news is filtering through the press that said figure could be the ex-Minister of the Presidency, son of Jaime Rosenthal–the powerful businessman from the North Coast, owner of Channel 11 and the Tiempo newspaper, critic of the current regime and someone who has always counted on a certain share of power within liberal governments.]

So, they may be able to silence Tiempo.
Magbana at Honduras Oye has a piece on human rights group who have called on the UN to “work actively…to achieve the effective protection of human rights in Honduras.” Why they didn’t write to the High Commissioner to demand a Special Rapporteur, I don’t quite understand.

Tiempo: The Dominican chancellor and presidential sister Lorena Zelaya are among those who will discuss the crisis at a conference in the DR. Micheletti says that in the event of an invasion, he will order the army not to fire. Elvin Santos accuses Zelaya of threatening his life. A judge of the Administrative Court of Torts, Jorge Zelaya Saldaña (evidently no relation) who was in charge of the original case regarding the survey Zelaya wanted to hold says his life was threatened, according to El Heraldo which heard it from Radio America; why anyone would even be interested in a lower court figure at this point is left to the imagination. Yes, the news is getting this silly.

Big demo on Channel 36. Not sure if it’s today’s or yesterday’s, but probably today’s. Ch. 36 says that Micheletti is sabotaging their signal. They also accuse Conatel and Hondutel. Radio Globo is on the air.

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Consequences for Bad Behavior

Posted by MEC on September 16, 2009

Remember the Republic Windows and Doors factory in Chicago, where the workers staged a sitdown strike when the bosses shut down the factory, in order to force the company to pay them their severance and vacation pay as required by law?

The CEO is going to prison for misusing the company’s funds and defrauding its creditors of over $10 million. The striking workers had “prevented executives from entering the factory to take company documents that now make up much of the case against Gillman and other Republic officials.”

“Gillman and others knew this company was headed for closure,” Anita Alvarez, the Cook County state’s attorney, told reporters. “And instead of fulfilling their legal obligations to their creditors and their moral obligations to their employees, they devised a scheme to benefit themselves.”

Okay, rightwingers, tell us again how the financial crisis was caused by poor people getting loans. And Alan Greenspan, you owe us another apology for basing federal economic policy on the presumption that the fat cats would regulate their own behavior.

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