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A lie gets around the world before the truth can lace up her boots

Posted by Charles II on September 16, 2009

I remember how much BS was put out about this, especially by Leftblogistaners who should have known better. From Danilo Valladares, IPSNews:

Nine suspects, including police officers and members of the military, have been arrested in Guatemala for the murder of prominent lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg, who had accused President Álvaro Colom of his murder in a video broadcast after his death….

Rosenberg, a 47-year-old Harvard and Cambridge-trained corporate lawyer, was shot on May 10 while riding his bicycle in an upscale neighbourhood in the capital.

His murder sparked demonstrations demanding that the centre-left Colom step down, after the posthumous broadcast of an interview in which the lawyer himself accused the president, in case anything happened to him. (In the interview, taped two days before his death, Rosenberg said “If at this moment you are hearing or watching this message, it is because Álvaro Colom had me killed.”)

Only, Rosenberg was probably wrong. And anyone who knows Latin American politics would know why.

5 Responses to “A lie gets around the world before the truth can lace up her boots”

  1. Doran said

    Charles, I know you are working overtime, doing the heavy lifting of at least three reporters. But, Please. Don’t leave us hanging. Especially those of us who know barely the basics of Latin American politics.

    Why was Rosenberg wrong?

  2. Charles II said


    Thanks for your kind remarks, Doran. If I do three times as much work as a reporter, it’s only because they do nothing at all.

    Doran asks, “Why was Rosenberg wrong?”

    I did say he was probablywrong, not definitely, Doran. I am willing to see how this thing plays to the end before reaching judgment.

    But I wasn’t trying to be obscure. As I pointed out in the link, the right has an almost exclusive monopoly on the means of violence in Latin America. They control the police and the military in most of Latin America, but definitely so in Guatemala. The Guatemalan oligarchy makes the Honduran oligarchy look like hillbillies compared to the Don Corleone.

    The right had a motive perhaps just as strong as anything Rosenberg feared from Colom. So, when the suspects turn out to be police and military, it takes very little imagination to figure out that the right probably had a hand in it.

  3. (((hug)))

    I agree with Doran. You do so much work and all you have is a modem, a brain, a work ethic, and a conscience.

    • Charles II said

      (((hugs back)))

      You’re kind to call this poor thing a brain. dear. After as much missed sleep as it has experienced (and not from overwork, just undersleep), it’s not always clear that it functions.

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