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Consequences for Bad Behavior

Posted by MEC on September 16, 2009

Remember the Republic Windows and Doors factory in Chicago, where the workers staged a sitdown strike when the bosses shut down the factory, in order to force the company to pay them their severance and vacation pay as required by law?

The CEO is going to prison for misusing the company’s funds and defrauding its creditors of over $10 million. The striking workers had “prevented executives from entering the factory to take company documents that now make up much of the case against Gillman and other Republic officials.”

“Gillman and others knew this company was headed for closure,” Anita Alvarez, the Cook County state’s attorney, told reporters. “And instead of fulfilling their legal obligations to their creditors and their moral obligations to their employees, they devised a scheme to benefit themselves.”

Okay, rightwingers, tell us again how the financial crisis was caused by poor people getting loans. And Alan Greenspan, you owe us another apology for basing federal economic policy on the presumption that the fat cats would regulate their own behavior.

4 Responses to “Consequences for Bad Behavior”

  1. Yupper. They rail over ACORN when ACORN probably did more than most big banks to get and keep people in houses over the past year.

  2. MEC said

    They rail over ACORN because ACORN probably did more than most big banks to get and keep people in houses over the past year.

  3. Charles II said

    I believe I heard that the Senate voted to strip any funding from ACORN, by large margins. At any rate, the right has succeeded in demonizing them. Slanthead and Fox lead the charge.

    I do have to say that ACORN has been singularly inept at defending themselves. Their decentralized organization makes it impossible to keep individual offices on a tight leash.

  4. Meanwhile, here’s something FOX won’t tell you about when it comes to ACORN:

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