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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 56

Posted by Charles II on September 17, 2009

Out of pocket most of today.

Very good news! La Tribuna and El Heraldo both report that the UN is sending may send a special envoy to monitor human rights! [Added: My error. This is still in the planning stages and has not been voted on. Also, special envoys are one possibility. However, since I wrote to High Commissioner Navanethem Pillay about just this approach, I am feeling pretty good.]

RAJ has more worrisome news about grain reserves.

Magbana has a statement from Zelaya accusing the oligarchy of making a secret pact with presidential candidates to boycott the Arias plan. Specifically, that Elvin Ernesto Santos, Pepe Lobo, Bernard Martínez and Felicito Ávila met with Carlos Flores Facussé, Camilo Atala, Luis Alberto Rubí, el Cardenal Oscar Rodríguez, Arturo Corrales and Ricardo Alvarez. Note that the English statement below the Spanish is NOT a translation but a new document.

According to El Libertador, the Supreme Court has given the Congress 24 hours to show cause why Zelaya should not be allowed to return. If they don’t answer, Zelaya must be returned to power (fat chance). Now Tiempo is offline.

Update2: More diplospeak from State.

QUESTION: On Honduras, do you have any update? Because next week we have the United Nations Assembly. I don’t know if it’s going to be Micheletti or Zelaya or who’s going to come, if there’s going to be any (inaudible).

MR. CROWLEY: I do not expect any participation by the de facto regime. As for the current situation, we welcome the statement that four of the six candidates for president of Honduras made – with President Arias – confirming their support of the San Jose process. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Craig Kelly has returned from the region. He had a number of meetings over several days on the situation in Honduras and other developments in the region. I would expect next week we’ll continue to look for ways to support the San Jose process. I think the Secretary will meet with President Arias during the course of the – on the margins of the UN General Assembly.

Update: Adrienne has a brilliant, 3:54 film showing the nature of dictatorship. You don’t need Spanish to understand it. A city councilman speaks up at the official El Progreso celebration of Independence Day to protest the nerve of holding a celebration of liberty while the country is under effective martial law. Magbana at Honduras Oye has stuff here and here.
Day 81 of resistance was celebrated with a mega-march. Tiempo only credits it with “hundreds” of marchers, but it looked two orders of magnitude larger to me and, as mentioned in yesterday’s diary, one observer claimed hundreds of thousands; in spirit, surely. Hillary has elevated the importance of Honduras to Adjunct Subsecretary level. Bisa Williams of State will meet with Salvadoran chancellor Hugo Martinez to seek solutions. At least Martinez is clearly anti-coup. One major question is whether the presidential candidates have signed on to the ::cough:: “San Jose Accords.” Tiempo, cagily avoiding a mention of Carlos Reyes, says that all except Cesar Ham have commended it, but made no commitment to actually carrying out its provision to reinstate Zelaya (as RAJ points out). Ham said that the accords do not suffice to make peace and refused to sign. Radio Globo, on the other hand, was discussing that there has been a secret pact among the candidates that they will not support the, eh, “Accords”

5 Responses to “Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 56”

  1. Nell said

    According to El Libertador, the Supreme Court has given the Congress 24 hours to show cause why Zelaya should not be allowed to return. If they don’t answer, Zelaya must be returned to power (fat chance). Now Tiempo is offline.

    Tiempo has a story from yesterday (17th) on the same topic, but in skimming, I read it somewhat differently: the Court’s giving the Congress 24 hours to come up with the decree that overthrew Zelaya and all other material related to his removal. Sounds to me like blame-fixin’ time…

    • Charles said

      Yeah, El Lib. was reaching. It’s still significant that the court is making this demand on the legislature. And that the Congress is not rushing to do the Court’s bidding. It’s some kind of political kabuki.

  2. Nell said

    Oops. Here’s the Tiempo link.

  3. Nell said

    Reading further: this is part of the case that the court agreed to hear in August, brought shortly after the coup, on the illegality of Zelaya’s removal (the case that RAJ posted about early on).

    Could be a hopeful sign…

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