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Honduras Coup, Act III, Day 57/updated

Posted by Charles II on September 18, 2009

[snark]There’s definitely nothing happening in Honduras. [/snark]

Update3: Brother John has two new articles. The first describes feeding poor children. The second says that Bishop Santos probably did not say that the Pope rejects the coup, but rather that the Pope said last year that he supports the Honduran people and that after the coup the Pope said he prayed that “those who are responsible in that nation and all its inhabitants will travel the path of dialogue, of mutual understanding and reconciliation.” This sounds more like the Pope that I know, and I’m sorry for him. One would think he could get around to expressing revulsion at a crime that the entire world has denounced, but I guess not.

Adrienne found a pre-release report of Stiglitz on the global financial crisis. I don’t think it’s fundamentally different in tone than what he’s been saying all along. He understood Chavez and Ortega as a rejection of neo-liberalism almost three years ago, and he called Bushco economics the application of leeches. In this piece he says that globalization must meet the needs of all. It’s neat reading it a few days ahead of the embargo date, but it seems in line with what he’s been saying for years.

Adrienne also has a report from Oscar, which describes:

  • the contempt of the oligarchy for the schools and their problems
  • the challenge teachers face in negotiating their contract next year
  • the recruitment of Evelio Reyes by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to persuade people to vote
  • As you may recall, the golpista who I caught posting as hermaphrodite attacked my integrity for not covering in detail the fact that Honduran banks withdrew their deposits from the BCIE. Today, the BCIE answered that saying, in effect, (and quoting me), yawn.
    Update2: Adrienne translated a PR release by Channel 11,which reads in part:

    In what appears to be a new attack against freedom of expression, workers and functionaries of the National Commission of Telecommunications (Conatel) and the public prosecutor’s office have intruded in the facilities of Cablecolor and Channel 11 this morning.

    The manager of Cablecolor, Jesús Torres, indicated that technicians and functionaries from the Public Ministry arrived without notice to carry out a series of tests aimed at forcing the company to include channels that do not fit the technical parameters to carry their signal.

    RNS has a piece on the political nature of the Supreme Court. Here’s excerpts:

    Each of the present justices represents a particular political faction within the country. The factions in turn make up the political parties. For example, Tomas Arita Valle, the justice who signed the backdated detention order for Zelaya, for example, is a loyal member of Carlos Flores’s faction.

    This Supreme Court, made up of members of factions that support the coup, has also done its part in supporting the coup, from backdating the detention warrant for Zelaya to approving blatantly trumped up charges from the prosecutor, as we’ve previously examined, to issuing a legal opinion about the constitutional impediments to the San Jose Accords that’s used by the de facto government to support its continued intransigence.

    So pressuring this Supreme Court is appropriate political action on the US part.

    Nell has a new post on the importance of a broadbased grassroots politics to prevent the kind of corruption that Honduras suffers and a link to an international conference in Tegucigalpa, Oct. 8-10 calling for a Constitutional Convention. The website she links, Hibueras, has a full explanation of the issues in the attack on CableColor (it seems my explanations were more or less on target).
    Update: The Frente says that Conatel is decommissioning satellite upload equipment for CableColor and Channel 11; Radio Globo has its signal with “that enterprise” (presumably Cable Color). Conatel claims it’s a routine review. Channel 36 says “shadowy interests” are behind the seizure of TV frequencies. It sounds as if Channel 11 is the primary target. There’s an interview of Eduardo Maldonado of Radio Globo. Huge numbers of people from the resistance–my guess is as many as ten thousand– have shown up; I think they may be too late. But interestingly, there are no soldiers or police that I can see. Juan Barahona says they are going overthrow the regime. Impossible to make much sense over the loudspeaker and the recorded chant of Ultima Hora! (Breaking News). Something about Carlos Flores Facusse interceding. The attorney for Sotel/Channel 11 (Walter Booden?) spoke very quickly, saying the Fiscalia didn’t take the money, only copies of contracts. Conatel’s lawyer also gave a rapid comment, citing sections of what I assume are the law NUE-this and -that and defined the crime as something like “sobreviencia”. Channel 36 says that among the people who showed up at 10 o’clock to execute Fiscalia’s orders were “encapuchados” (hooded men). As I understand the announcer, he alleges thatthe owner of Channel 8 is technically incompetent and wants to boost his signal to cover the whole country, so he is behind this.
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    Henry Waxman Signs On for Net Neutrality

    Posted by MEC on September 18, 2009

    Henry Waxman has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Net Neutrality bill introduced by fellow Democrats Ed Markey and Anna Eshoo. His support is important. Mr. Waxman is chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which oversees the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates the Internet in the U.S.

    The bill is H.R. 3458, the Internet Freedom Preservation Act. The only other co-sponsors are Joe Sestak and Lynn Woolsey. We need to ask our representatives why they’re not co-sponsoring this bill.

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    Friday Cat Blogging

    Posted by MEC on September 18, 2009


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