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Is FOX In Financial Trouble?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 20, 2009

Yesterday I referenced Emptywheel’s piece on how Univision is overtaking FOX in various ratings (and how Obama is tacitly acknowledging this by blowing off FOX’s Sunday gabfest for Univision’s Al Punto), much to the open and vocal dismay of FOX and its Republican allies in Congress.

There are other signs that the FOX empire is not as strong as advertised. For one thing, it’s trying to sell off the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the nation’s premier stock market index.

It’s hard to imagine the megalomaniacal Murdochs willingly giving up the ability to control the most powerful stock market index in the world. The first thought that comes to mind is that they must be in need of liquid cash, and urgently so.

One Response to “Is FOX In Financial Trouble?”

  1. mparker said

    The Dow may influence how people use their wallets but since those wallets have now been emptied the emphasis is back to controlling their minds. At least the simple ones.

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