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Honduras, Act IV, Day 2: State of emergency. Call your Congressman

Posted by Charles II on September 22, 2009

offline ca. 2AM Eastern
Radio Globo is up at 12:30 Eastern, but Channel 36 is not. A caller says that Colonia Kennedy looks like a war zone. Announcer: in Travesia, firing of live ammunition. In Colon, they have tripled the military presence near Silin. A text message: probable attack on the people occupying the LINA (agrarian) building. A caller says the cardinal should be called a “butcher” (the pun works in Spanish). A caller says that Red Cross buses were being used and that they are lying. Another caller claims that the military ambulances have been painted to look like civilian [this sounds unlikely].

Jesse Freeston (via Adrienne) answered my doubts about the Tiempo story saying Zelaya has rejected the “San Jose Accords” with film showing the Nicaraguan ambassador saying precisely this. Now, if Zelaya has changed his position, I can understand. It always seemed like an outrageous document that gave absolution to criminals. But I am surprised. His enemies will use this against him.

Brother Juancito has a piece worth reading:

The bishop noted that the Micheletti cup regime has become muy duro – very hard – and intransigent. He repeated a charge that he has made that he believes that the mining companies are behind the coup and had been paying congressmen. He said that the country has to seek more participation of the people in a country with more justice. He severely criticized the parties, allied with the elite, who deceive the people.

Adrienne has an unsourced report of Red Cross buses being used to transport arrested protestors to the Olympic Village open-air prison (which, as we recall, was where it was earlier reported that Israeli commandos were training Hondurans in terroristic techniques).

From Al Giordano:

Radio Globo now reports that the same Supreme Court that contorted the Honduran Constitution to create a legaloid curtain around the June 28 coup d’etat is now meeting to cook up its latest kangaroo jump: a court order to invade the Embassy – under International Law, Brazilian territory – to capture (or assassinate) President Zelaya….Further showing his grand commitment to “democracy” and law, Micheletti’s security forces are presently reading the search and seizure order through a megaphone to the Brazilian Embassy. It could be a bluff, but if Zelaya doesn’t fall for it (and The Field predicts he won’t), and the coup troops invade the Embassy, all hell is going to break loose on an international level, just as the United Nations General Assembly begins its most important session of the year in New York. …The coup regime thus, overnight, has lost any semblance of control of considerable tracts of urban Honduras. Tegucigalpa is beginning to look a lot like the city of Oaxaca, Mexico in 2006.

Honduras Coup 2009.
1. Confirmation that tear gas fell inside the Brazilian embassy; also that water, phone and electricity were cut. The coup also said that it could invade the embassy.
2. The actions against the Brazilian embassy are yet another violation of international law.
3. RNS The National Police are holding thousands of protesters in the Chochy Sosa baseball stadium in the Olympic village in Tegucigalpa according to Adrés Pavon, president of the Comité para la defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CODEH). He says “there are people being tortured, disappeared, and we are confirming the death of two people.”
4. Andres Pavon of CODEH (human rights) likened the confinement to concentration camps, with the wounded, old people and children thrown in with everyone else.

The Brazilian Globe has a pretty good account of events, with photos.
Contrary to boasts in the coup media, Tiempo says movement of people and cargo was paralyzed.
Porfirio Pepe Lobo threatened to withdraw his support for the coup if Micheletti refused to talk.
DemocracyNow transcript up.

New DK diary has been started by Robert Naiman.

Amazingly, Channel 36 is still broadcasting, sort of. Cops everywhere, teenagers throwing stones. massive amounts of teargas. The announcer says this occurred in “Lato”, people showing brass cartridges (implying live ammunition). Kids throwing tear gas canisters back. Announcer: Masked men are maintaining a ring around the Brazilian embassy for 3 km. A doctor said that 18 people in Hospital Escuela were treated for beatings. The streets were filled with abandoned vehicles, with broken windshields. The regime is saying that diplomatic immunity does not extend to protection of criminals, a clear threat to attack the Brazilian embassy. There are checkpoints in Tegucigalpa. Soldiers. Announcer: JM Insulza has not shown the intention of negotiation, but he will try to negotiate between Tuesday and Wednesday. He has asked for guarantees for Zelaya and the Brazilian embassy. JSKL radio (El Salvador) says that border crossings have been closed. Zelaya: The right to media is a fundamental right. The coup has demonstrated that it does not wish to talk. A call from New York comes in. Mrs. Zelaya: Things were tough this morning. At 5AM, they started with tear gas, with canisters landing inside the embassy. … I think she also said they are blocking food and medicine and that it’s like a war, with the troops firing without regard for whether they might hit women or children. No electricity. No food. No water. But somehow people are providing some basics. Some bread and cookies and water arrived, but not enough for the number of people. Masked people threw bombs. We are waiting for … sectors… who can start dialogue. Announcer: “Will be there be an intervention in the American, er… Brazilian embassy. ” Dpna Xiomara: I don’t think they’ll do it it right now. Channel 36 crash.

Tiempo says that hundreds of people dislodged from around the Brazilian embassy have gone to Colonia Morazan.

I can only get Radio Liberado. “This is what war is, and this is war against the Honduran people.” “We make an urgent appeal to anyone who is listening… they are hunting people who are in the street.” In Colonia Morazan (north central Tegucigalpa), tear gas seeping into houses, motorcycle patrols. The announcer is overcome by tear gas. Old women are not allowed to leave their homes. “Let Micheletti go to some other people. We don’t want him.” Another report from Colonia Viera, on the northeast fringe of Tegucigalpa. A Radio Globo person, Flora daughter of Dona Lydia. The cops were beating on a 14 year old boy. This link is playing Radio Globo. A report from Santa Barbara. Now in front of Brazilian embassy. And the stream is gone.

Adrienne (via Nell) gives a report that soldiers are surrounding hospitals (Hospital Escuela and Social Security) and seeking to disappear the wounded.


Today’s Tiempo finally woke up, and reports that the electricity, water, and phone service to the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa has been shut off by the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti.

Tiempo confirms 20 wounded and dozens detained, but does not confirm deaths as of 10AM.

Patricia Rodas and VP Aristides Mejia were supposed to give a report on what’s going on.

The OAS has condemnded the regime.
Looks like media is being heavily suppressed. Channel 36 appears to be offline, and Radio Globo is intermittent at best.

The most important news, from RNS:

The Micheletti regime, about 4 am this morning, violently dislodged the protesters outside the Brazilian embassy with tear gas, pepper spray and water canons. Radio Globo reports THEY SUSPENDED THE CONSTITUTION and declared a state of emergency. Among the rights suspended are the right of free circulation and assembly.

There are many people hurt, and reports of at leaast one death as a result. Update: Adrienne Pine, reporting that police are surrounding the hospital where the wounded were brought, says there were “17 critically injured patients (3 already dead)”. Vos el Soberano reports that the police have surrounded the hospital with the injured and are removing them to an unknown location.

From RNS:

Members of the union of electrical workers of the National Electric Company (ENEE) called in to Radio Globo to announce that the Micheletti government intends to cut electricity in the entire country today.

Also from RNS:

The owner of Radio Uno in El Paraiso, called in to Radio Globo this morning to report that last night his station was taken over by the military, that its employees were beaten, arms broken. This morning the military called him and told him he could have the station back and it could broadcast, but only if it did not mention Manuel Zelaya or anything about the events in Tegucigalpa.

We were fortunate to receive a very complete report from DemocracyNow this morning here. The main report of interest was that 500 people were violently removed using tear gas that penetrated the embassy.

Tiempo has barely updated: Lula of Brazil asks for peaceful solution.

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