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Honduras Coup, Act IV, Day 4. State of Emergency. Call your congressman.

Posted by Charles II on September 24, 2009

Update2 (in progress)

Belen Fernandez, Narconews went with the pro-coupistas. She says the local press said there were 10,000 marchers and tells a very odd story about a man who put a rock in his pocket. Asked why he had done so, he said that the police had given it to him, and that he was an employee of the Jordanian consulate. She also says that marchers attempted to beg money for sodas from her.

Zelaya and the Auxiliary bishop of Tegucigalpa. Image from Tiempo
(Image of Zelaya and Bishop Juan José Pineda from Tiempo)

El Pais reports that the Security Council has decided to intervene and will meet tomorrow.

Brother John has a translation of a missive from the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Copan.

On Radio Globo, there’s concern about Zelaya’s meeting with the presidential candidates, which the coupista press is spinning as dialogue. But since none of them are in power, it’s not dialogue about the current problem. The resistance, meanwhile, fears that it will be betrayed and that their dead and tortured will be forgotten. Interviews with Patricia Rodas and the Honduran Ambassador Eduardo Enrique Reina. The guys at Radio Globo sound like they’re a little punchy as Rodas reads a speech. A woman calls in and tells about people who have been injured and killed just this evening. The announcers talk about boys taken from their homes. Juan Barahona says they will not accept an abrazo with the golpistas [see the photo]. A lawyer says he thinks that Zelaya is abusing his position by holding a dialogue while imprisoned in the embassy.

The right-wing noise machine had everything lined up for the distribution of a CRS report that “proves” (if you read it selectively) that Zelaya was removed properly. It was apparently completed in August, released by Congressman Adam Schock today, and it’s promptly being pumped into the right-wing media.

Let’s start from the end of the report:
“removal of President Zelaya from the country by the military is in direct
violation of the Article 102 of the Constitution, and apparently this action is currently under investigation by the Honduran authorities.”

OK, so we know that one crime was committed in the course of doing “justice.” And there was probably another:
Although the National Congress unanimously approved an alleged letter of resignation by Zelaya, dated four days before his arrest, no mention of this letter was made in the Decree issued by Congress removing the President from office.”

Now, most of us would suspect that if a piece of evidence suddenly vanished, maybe it wasn’t quite kosher. And the fabrication of evidence in a legal case is a serious crime.

And there’s this really bizarre point: “The process at the Supreme Court did not continue due to the events that occurred after Zelaya’s arrest.” In other words, the case against him was not tried, and hence the process against him is incomplete.

But even the sentence that the right is quoting as vindication is very puzzling:
Available sources indicate that the judicial and legislative branches applied constitutional and statutory law in the case against President Zelaya [removal from office] in a manner that was judged by the Honduran authorities from both branches of the government to be in accordance with the Honduran legal system.”

Was there ever really any doubt that the Supreme Court and the Legislature acted as they saw fit? That’s what this sentence says. The problem is that in this whole sorry story, there is no hearing in which Zelaya is allowed to tell his story. The semblance of due process is used as a stage prop.

And that is a violation of international law.

And that is why every nation on earth has reacted against this.

Mark my words: everyone who wants an excuse to walk away from Honduras will use this report to do so– unless the report is swiftly and accurately opposed.

I hope that others with better legal knowledge will take this up.

Adrienne says that the Auxiliary Bishop of Tegucigalpa, Juan Jose Pineda Fasquelle, went to the Brazilian embassy for talks. I hope these work out better than the talks with Vasquez.

Oscar, in a report at Adrienne’s, says that people are tense and that the probabilities of violence are rising, despite extraordinary discipline by the resistance. The rural areas are being drained of police, and the resistance may take over localities.

State’s latest Moment of Zen:

MR. KELLY: Latest on Honduras, okay. Can’t have a briefing without the latest on Honduras.

Well, as we said before, we are pleased that water and electricity has been restored to the Brazilian Embassy. In general, I think the situation – I hate to use a cliché – is calm but tense. There have been no clashes that we’re aware of. The government, I understand, has lifted its nationwide curfew, and so the U.S. Embassy has reopened for normal business. And I think that details are still being worked out regarding a mission by OAS foreign ministers to Tegucigalpa, and we expect in the next day or two to have further details on that.

QUESTION: Do you think Oscar Arias will be involved again?

MR. KELLY: I don’t know. I think what we’re – what they’re focused on is a group of foreign ministers from the OAS. We hope that President Arias remains involved.

QUESTION: Have you been in touch with Zelaya himself?

MR. KELLY: I’m not sure, quite frankly. I think that most of the contact has been between the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa and the Brazilian Embassy and President Zelaya there. But I’m not – I just don’t have the details of recent contacts.


QUESTION: What about the Security Council meeting? Did you decide on that?

MR. KELLY: No, that – we’re – again, we’re still consulting with our colleagues on the Security Council about putting that together.

According to a notice on the Radio Globo site, the Brazilian embassy has been “taken.” There is no confirmation of this. RNS tells me that the notice that “Tomada embajada brasilena” refers to the attack on the protestors a couple of days ago. According to Vos el Soberano, there is a plan to attack the embassy using people in white shirts.
Radio Globo is up, and the announcers are pretty wound up, but there’s no specific news. I can’t get Channel 36. They are now playing an interview with a woman whose house was invaded and she was attacked. OK: There is international press present at the embassy, so it doesn’t sound as if an attack has already taken place. But a man says that through the night they invaded houses surrounding the embassy, blasted the night with noise, and even threw rocks. An apparatus Netline (to block telephone lines) was used. [Netline sells these to block IEDs]… Juan Barahona is reported to have said that there are many wounded, including several who have required surgery. Radio Globo

There are terrible reports of deaths, including an eight year old who lived next to the Brazilian embassy and suffocated from the tear gas [I can’t find this report in El Nuevo Diario]. Via Adrienne, Tiempo reports an 18 year old was murdered by police for the crime of shouting “golpista.” The boy was nearly 100 yards away.

Honduras Coup 2009 has been following the story, appearing in pro-coup El Heraldo, of Romeo Vasquez visiting the Brazilian embassy (here and here), as well as a report in Tiempo of a meeting between COHEP (the business council) and Vasquez (here)

Marlin Oscar Avila says that prices at the supermarket he was at went up while people were shopping. Another post describes people beaten until their bones were broken.

The “white shirts” also turn out a crowd

(Image from La Prensa)

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The Truth About ACORN

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 24, 2009

The Old Redneck, with help from the Washington Post’s Harold Meyerson, provides a nice summary thereof:

— ACORN is not a criminal enterprise;
— The right has turned their guns on ACORN because it works for the poor and disenfranchised — whom the right wants to keep poor and disenfranchised; and,
— The legitimate media has failed in its coverage of ACORN.

Meanwhile, FOX and the filmmakers are about to get nailed for making illegal recordings in Maryland:

The crux of the lawsuit centers around a Maryland law which makes it illegal to tape someone without their consent – ACORN is alleging O’Keefe and Giles did so. ACORN is asking for $500,000 in damages to be awarded to each of the employees filmed by O’Keefe and Giles, and ACORN itself wants $1 million in damages.

I suspect that FOX is soon going to regret they ever heard the word “ACORN”.

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