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Honduras Coup, Act IV, Day 8/updated with diplospeak translation!

Posted by Charles II on September 28, 2009

Dictatorship silences dissident media
Radio Globo and Channel 36 closed by the dictatorship
(English version)

Wendy Elizabeth Avila. Image from Laura Carlsen's Americas Mexico Blog
(Image from Laura Carlsen’s Ms. Avila, 24 years old, died of pneumonia caused by having been gassed by the dictatorship)

I’m pretty busy today, so please go read:

Laura Carlsen
Honduras Oye
Honduras Coup 2009
Brother John
Al Giordano

and many, many others who have done wonderful work in getting the word out from Honduras. Peace and may God bring good out of all the evil the dictatorship is committing.
In addition to the non-responsive press conference below, Ian Kelly have the following statement:

The United States views with grave concern [translation: plans to take a hard line on] the decree issued by the de facto regime in Honduras suspending fundamental civil and political rights. In response to strong popular opposition, the regime has indicated that it is considering rescinding the decree. We call on the de facto regime to do so immediately.

The freedoms inherent in the suspended rights are inalienable and cannot be limited or restricted without seriously damaging the democratic aspirations [translation: elections will not be recognized if the suspended rights are not restored; but since no timeline specified, when Hell freezes over is ok] of the Honduran people.

At this important moment in Honduran history, we urge all political leaders to commit themselves to a process of dialogue [translation: we aren’t expecting anyone to do anything] that will produce an enduring and peaceful resolution of the current crisis.

We also urge the de facto regime and President Zelaya to make use of the good will and solidarity extended by President Arias of Costa Rica, the Organization of American States, and other members of the international community to help facilitate, within the framework of the San Jose talks, such a resolution.

In this regard, we remind the de facto regime of its obligations under the Vienna Conventions to respect diplomatic premises and personnel, and those under their protection. Abiding by these obligations is a necessary component of the dialogue [translation: if you kill Zelaya, you won’t be able to talk to him] between and among nations, and builds the practices of engagement, tolerance, and understanding necessary for the peaceful resolution of disputes.

This is dishwater when brimstone is required.
Daily Press Baffler from US State Department:
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Why the GOP Is Out to Get ACORN

Posted by MEC on September 28, 2009

The GOP assault on ACORN didn’t begin with the “sting” operation that yielded a doctored videotape purporting to show an ACORN employee counseling a prostitute and her pimp on how to launder their income. (The reality is that the employee reported the couple to the police.)

Justin Jason Leopold reminds us that

ACORN was at the center of the so-called “prosecutor-gate” scandal, when the Bush administration pressured US attorneys to bring indictments over the grassroots group’s voter-registration drives, then fired some prosecutors who resisted what they viewed as a partisan strategy not supported by solid evidence.

The GOP is out to destroy ACORN because ACORN’s voter registration drives bring lots of people to the voting booths who won’t vote for Republicans.

Charles says: I made an edit, MEC. Hope you don’t mind. If you do, feel free to undo and scold me.

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