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Honduras Coup, Act IV, Day 10

Posted by Charles II on September 30, 2009


Siamese twins.

Cheney High Tech

(This is a sadly inexpert effort, but you get the idea)

Oscar says:

Our homes continue to be silent, as we refuse to tune in to radio stations that accept the coup, that repeat the same lies and we prefer to continue in silence. The closure of our communication media was a strong blow to the resistance. Desperately we seek information on the conventional channels where no one says anything about the reality of this country. It gives the impression that we have never existed, and as Radio Globo repeats ironically over the internet, paraphrasing the Radio Progreso collective, “nothing is happening here”….

The leaders of the resistance discuss what strategies to use in the face of these new obstacles imposed by the dis-government, and although everything points to neighborhoods and villages indicating that the peaceful struggle should shift into a stage of civil self-defense, nobody dares to take the first step. Not even President Zelaya dares, and continues calling for pacific resistance to a dictatorship which is increasingly bloodthirsty.

Armed conflict is what the dictatorship wants. Non-violent resistance has torn the mask off of the oligarchy and has surely cost the oligarchy the support of anyone who isn’t in its thrall. But suffering for so long– and seeing the total impunity of the powerful– offends the human sense of justice at a very deep level. May God intervene to strengthen those who suffer for the sake of a just peace.

La Haine says that there was an attack on demonstrators in front of Radio Globo by 200 soldiers.

Hermano Juancito has a report.

Radio Globo: They are holding a cacerolazo, banging pots and pans, calling the crescendo a “bulliranga,” (spelling? presumably means a “boiling over”) around the Brazilian embassy, and around the world. It’s good to hear people celebrating and with spirits lifted. Cars honking their horns. Wow! A siren! (and not a police siren)

(Ariela Caceres of Radio Globo. Image from El Libertador)

The government continues to force dissent underground, which increases the likelihood that it will emerge as armed conflict.  Radio Globo was removed from the air and continues as an Internet operation; a caller says that things are disorganized and the resistance has not been able to communicate directions even to coordinate demonstrations. Channel 36 was closed down and its equipment stolen. The police are preventing assembly.

Tiempo: The police removed farmers from the National Agrarian Institute. The farmers fear that documentation of their recovery of lands will be destroyed. : The OAS spent 10 hours debating whether the expulsion of their diplomats, who had been invited by the pretend-government, was to be “regretted” or “condemned” and showed itself incapable of reaching a decision. Meanwhile, at the State Department, spokesman Col. Philip Crowley pronounced Lewis Amselem’s outburst attacking President Zelaya as perfectly consistent with State Department aims. When the Nicaraguan representative to the OAS remarked that his country didn’t use tear gas to break up demos, Amselem replied that they used speeches as chemical and sleep-inducing agents. US Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens made another contribution to the annals of US dope-plomacy by saying the US doesn’t support any individual, only democracy. A 34 year old man, Gustavo Murcia Mejia was killed by police; it’s unclear why.

Here’s an interesting and relevant fact:

In this report, the ACLU of Southern California identifies 26 deaths among people who were pepper-sprayed by police officers in the period Jan. 1, 1993, through June 1, 1995. The fatality total suggests that one person dies after being pepper sprayed for about every 600 times the spray is used by police….A U.S. Army study conducted at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1993 concluded that pepper spray’s active ingredient, “is capable of producing mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, sensitization, cardiovascular and pulmonary toxicity, neurotoxicity, as well as possible human fatalities

Micheletti may not put into effect the decree by which he had Radio Globo and Channel 36 ransacked and the entire country put under martial law because it could disrupt the elections.

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