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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Seven: Death Toll

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 26, 2009

UPDATE: Al Jazeera reports that a) Enzo Micheletti, the nephew of coup figurehead Roberto Micheletti, was found dead with another person in the forests outside the city of Choluma, and that b) police say it was unrelated to the coup that made his uncle pretend-president as the younger Micheletti was not known to be involved in politics. In other coverage, Air America mentions that Honduras has the highest murder rate in Central America, and that much of that high rate is attributable to drug killings.


I’d been looking for a list of those killed in the course of the Honduran coup of 2009. Nell has a list in this post, which she has promised to update as events warrant.

So far, at least eleven people have been killed by golpistas or persons acting on their behalf — and this is just since President Zelaya returned to Honduras only to be forced to seek refuge in the Brazilian Embassy.

In other news, the idea of having a popular referendum — one not controlled by the golpistas, in other words — was bolstered by poll results showing that 55% of those Hondurans polled say yes to what the golpistas have (falsely) depicted as the consulta’s central question: Should the Honduran Constitution be amended to permit presidents to be re-elected?

And Gwynne Dyer, who should know better, engages in a bit of blame-the-victim against Mel Zelaya for egging on the golpistas by the horrible, terrible, no good very bad act of giving a damn about the Honduran poor. (He also, in helping to push the golpista meme that Zelaya is unpopular, ignores the two recent polls, here and here, that show that he’s very popular indeed, much more so than any of the coup figures.) [EDIT: Funnily enough, my comment was heavily downrated despite being loaded with accurate citations, whereas the bogosity-laden pro-coup comments (including one un-factual all-caps masterpiece) were heavily uprated. Is this the work of the conservative trolls that infest most media websites, or is this organized by coup supporters? Either way, it’d be nice if MR readers could go visit the article and uprate the comment. Thanks!]

2 Responses to “Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Seven: Death Toll”

  1. Nell said

    My post covers the period starting with Zelaya’s return for a couple of reasons; mainly it was realizing that my ‘repression clips’ file had a fairly comprehensive collection covering that time.

    I considered trying to cover the whole post-coup period, but that risked getting bogged down and never finishing. What helped me make that decision also was the memory of one of the August human rights reports having a detailed documentation of coup regime victims; will look up and update in the comments to this post as well as at my post.

    COFADEH’s most recent report, released at some point last week, documents 20-something resistance participants killed since the coup. I’ve only seen references to it — not aware of a link to the report itself — but will update on that here as well. I’m sure COFADEH has passed the report on to the three-member OAS/UN delegation that’s now in Honduras investigating. Unfortunately, that UN report isn’t expected until next March.

    • Thanks, Nell. I suspect that a central meme the pro-coup forces are pushing is that the mere struggle to put the rightful man in the presidency is causing chaos. (If this sounds familiar to you, remember that many of the same folk were saying the same things about whether Gore should have done a full-scale challenge to Bush’s stealing the 2000 election.) If we can document that the chaos was well underway — and being caused by the golpistas — before Zelaya’s return, we can smother that meme.

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