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Neo-Nazis And The Anti-Immigration Movement: The Untold Story

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 28, 2009

Funny how the same media outlets that at the GOP’s behest jumps all over obscure college professors like Ward Churchill and turns them into “major” figures of The Left, never seem to notice stories like this one by Sally Jo Sorensen of Bluestem Prairie:

Earlier this week, Bluestem published Brian Hokanson’s commentary about a confrontation in Austin, Minnesota, that pitted members of the neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement (NSM) with local and Twin Cities anti-racist activists.The latest episode in a series that began last spring, the incident illustrates the Anti-Defamation League’s discussion of the group’s tactics:

Over the years, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) has displayed a growing ability to attract media coverage of the organization’s activities. One element which draws media attention is the group’s penchant for wearing swastika-adorned Third Reich-themed uniforms and carrying banners reminiscent of Nazi rallies. The group targets rallies to specific issues and against specific groups which are in the news. In this way, the media comes out to cover a story related to a current hot topic and the frequent counter-protests are very emotionally charged.

While the group’s local leader, Sam Johnson, claims that illegal immigration is his only concern in organizing the rallies, it’s clear from looking at the NSM’s web site that the group’s objects not so much to immigration status, as it does to the presence of people of color in the United States.  Consider item #7 on its 25 points of American National Socialism:

All non-White immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force.

An in-depth search of various databases and discussions with local law enforcement revealed that the NSM is something new in Austin and nearby towns in Southern Minnesota.

This is a big story, right? Spiritual descendants of the eliminationist guys our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought in Normandy in 1944, organizing anti-immigration rallies?

Apparently not to the local traditional media in and around Austin, Minnesota, or to local conservative online sites such as True North, as Sorensen goes on to explain.

Sorensen, taking up what the mainstream press left alone, has interviewed the NSM’s Sam Johnson. You can read it here and here.


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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Nine: The Envoy

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 28, 2009

Obama is putting Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon at the head of a delegation of senior U.S. officials traveling to Honduras. They will meet with President Manuel Zelaya and fake President Roberto Micheletti.

John Kerry and Howard Berman are (rightfully) attacking the bogus Law Library report on Honduras.

— What sort of timeline are we (or at least the Obama Administration) looking at for a resolution of the situation? A hint is provided in this article on Honduran tourism:

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department has a strongly worded travel alert for Honduras, issued last week: “The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the current unstable political and security situation in Honduras, and recommends that American citizens defer all non-essential travel to Honduras until further notice.” The alert expires Dec. 20.

Further updates as events warrant. Spanish-fluent readers are invited to listen to Radio Globo for more news.

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