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Sunday Afternoon News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 1, 2009

— I really haven’t heard anything new coming out of Honduras, but that doesn’t mean nothing new is going on. Al Jazeera reports that the agreement may be in jeopardy, but that’s been suspected from the first; the golpistas don’t want to allow Zelaya even a nominal win. And as Quotha’s Adrienne Pine and ALP’s Nell Lancaster both opine, the only reason there’s been any movement at all in the past week, after months of stalemate, is because the US finally got involved in a serious way.

David Neiwert over at Crooks and Liars picks up on Sally Jo Sorensen’s excellent journalism on the subject of neo-Nazis and the anti-immigration movement in particular (and the conservative movement in general).

— Meanwhile, it looks as if Secretary Clinton may have got something worthwhile done in the Middle East last week and got Israel to start making some concessions. I’ll know for sure if I hear one of my Likud/Kadima-worshiping acquaintances cuss her out tomorrow.

— In other news, business spending is starting to recover, which is a good sign for the economy.

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