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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Fourteen: Curve Ball?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 2, 2009

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this:

With the agreed-upon November 5 deadline for restitution of Honduras President Manuel Zelaya approaching, the White House has just sent in a big gun. US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis – arguably the most progressive member of the Obama cabinet – was appointed today to be one of four members of the “Verification Commission” that is charged with making sure all sides comply with last Friday’s agreement signed in Tegucigalpa to end the coup d’etat.

Wow and wow.

On the one hand, this could be cynical window dressing, as I’m sure by now Obama must be aware what everyone in Honduras knows: Namely, that Secretary Clinton has, via Lanny Davis, close ties to the coup leadership. Or it could indeed be what Al Giordano thinks it is — a decision by President Obama to show he’s acting in good faith and that the time of mixed messages is over.

Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Andres Tomas Conteris, the founder of Democracy Now! En Español, speaks out from the Brazilian Embassy, where he’s shared the state of siege with President Zelaya:

There is great rejoicing in the selection of Hilda Solis and as part of the Verification Commission of the Accord. Both she and Lagos bring strong commitments to authentic democracy. Their skills will very much be needed to confront the ongoing stalling and deceptive tactics of the coup regime in Honduras. This is a step forward for President Obama to earn something already granted: the Nobel Peace Prize. Now if we would stop letting the military-industrial complex keep fueling the wars in Afghanistan/Pakistan and Iraq, then he will get definitely deserve it.

As fans of DN! know, it’s not exactly prone to going easy on Obama, so for someone like Thomas to give Solis (and Obama) a thumbs-up on this move means it’s probably a very good move indeed.

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This Is A Test

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 2, 2009

The following is a test of the Emergency Conservative Broadcast System.

In a successful test, the Jeremiah Wright smear revival effort cited here will have far more legacy-media traction than the story cited here about neo-Nazi involvement in the anti-immigration movement in particular and the conservative movement in general.

The test will be considered successful if, within the space of a week, Google News cites of the former (unless cites are critical of the effort) outnumber Google News cites of the latter.

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