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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Sixteen: Golpistas Get Everything They Wanted

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 4, 2009

Including, it would seem, the stuffing of legitimate president Manuel Zelaya:

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya is asking the Obama Administration why, after pressing for his reinstatement, it now says it will recognize upcoming Honduran elections even if he isn’t returned to power first.

In a letter sent to the U.S. State Department on Wednesday, Zelaya asked Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton “to clarify to the Honduran people if the position condemning the coup d’etat has been changed or modified.”

His request came after Washington’s top envoy to Latin America, Thomas Shannon, told CNN en Espanol that Washington will recognize the Nov. 29 elections even if the Honduran Congress decides against returning Zelaya to power.

A U.S.-brokered deal reached last week leaves Zelaya’s reinstatement in the hands of Congress, but sets no deadline as to when lawmakers must decide. Delays in the expected vote have generated fears in the Zelaya camp.

But the far-right-wing Cato Institute approves, so it’s OK:

Juan Carlos Hidalgo, project coordinator for Latin America at Washington-based Cato Institute, said he doesn’t expect Hondurans to be swayed by U.S. pressure.

“If Congress doesn’t reinstate Zelaya, it certainly will be a diplomatic embarrassment for the United States since they pressured so much for his reinstatement and even threatened to not recognize the election results,” said Hidalgo. “But not recognizing a popular vote was a dead-end road for the U.S. and they knew it.”

Q: How much bullpucky can be packed into two sentences? A: See above.

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Watch Michael Steele Do 180s Like Jim Rockford

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 4, 2009

Last night he was saying that the election results weren’t a reflection on Obama.

But this morning he was singing a different tune.

I think he needs to be driving a Firebird Esprit for this maneuver.

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The Religion Thing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 4, 2009

In the wake of the gay-rights successes in Kalamazoo and Washington state, and the setback in Maine, I thought it would be good to look at what works and what doesn’t.

After the 2008 passage of Proposition 8, and even before it, the trend was to blame black voters for its passage. Yet Maine’s marriage-equality repeal passed by percentages similar to Prop Hate’s, and Maine’s 97% white. In fact, a study done by Patrick J. Egan and Kenneth Sherrill shows that religiosity was a bigger factor than race in the success of Prop 8 in California, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar study of Maine’s gay-marriage repeal shows a similar result.

If you’ll notice what happened in Kalamazoo and Washington state, you’ll notice that these civil-rights wins, though they included granting the civil benefits of marriage to gays and lesbians, avoided the use of the word (and religious ceremony) “marriage”. This hamstrung the chief opponents of (and bankrollers of opposition to) marriage equality, as they couldn’t invoke the scary specter of The Evil Gummint Attacking Freedom Of Religion; what was being voted on in Kalamazoo and Washington state wasn’t a religious ceremony, but a civil rights issue.

The lesson: If at all possible, decouple the fight for love equality from any sort of religious trappings, including the word “marriage”. If one must use the word “marriage”, emphasize the civil aspect: Show gay and straight couples getting married at home or in a courthouse instead of a church, and by a judge instead of a minister. Show that what makes it a legal union is the license from the courthouse, not a ceremony in a church. Do that, and true love equality will come about within a decade in every place in America.

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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Fifteen: All Shook Up

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 4, 2009

— What was that about respecting the rights of the people again? Honduran newspapers meekly hand over photos of resistance participants to police. Expect to see the golpistas try a round of arrests (or disappearances) once the spotlight goes away from them.

— When the Honduran coup congress isn’t consulting with their fellow reactionaries on the Supreme Court as to the best way to run out the clock so they don’t have to allow Zelaya back into office, they’re doing the bidding of Emperor Popeatine and banning the morning-after pill. They’re apparently counting on the US to recognize the elections scheduled for November 29, even if nobody else does. I’d like to see Hilda Solis prove them wrong.

— Amazing how constant coup-ordered curfews and violence can wound an already-sputtering economy.

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