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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day Twenty-One: Interesting Connections

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 10, 2009

We all know about the ties of Lanny Davis to the coup leaders. But I just found out that a Minnesota politician has a more wholesome connection to Honduras.

State Senator Tarryl Clark, D-St. Cloud, is running for Michele Bachmann’s seat. She’s announced her campaign crew, and I couldn’t help noticing this passage:

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQRR) has been chosen as the campaign’s pollsters. GQRR has a long history of working with Minnesota candidates and organizations, including Vice President Walter Mondale, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak, State Senator Ted Mondale, the Minnesota DFL Party, Education Minnesota, the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota and Growth and Justice. GQRR is a Democratic polling firm that provides research and strategic advice, with experience in over 80 countries and a list of clients that includes President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and South African President Nelson Mandela.

Leading the research and strategic consulting effort is firm President Al Quinlan, who has advised a broad range of political candidates and elected officials, including Vice President Walter Mondale and Senators Amy Klobuchar, Tim Johnson, Tom Daschle, Mary Landrieu, Chris Dodd, and Jeff Bingaman. Quinlan also provides strategic guidance to Governors Bill Richardson, Ed Rendell, John Lynch and David Paterson. In the 2008 cycle, Quinlan advised several winning candidates, including Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Tom Udall, and Representatives John Adler and Gary Peters.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because GQRR did one of the two polls that have helped undercut coup leadership propaganda claiming that Zelaya was and is unpopular in Honduras.

Added by Charles. Channel 36 has been running screen tests like the following as protests against harassment.


The text says All of Honduras repudiates the coupista government for the attack against Channel 36.

Former Defense Secretary and constitutional law expert Edmundo Orellana has two recent articles, which are described by RAJ:
One: A Constitutional Convention is essential.
Two: the Tegucigalpa “accord” is, legally, a mess.

The brother of former president Rafael Callejas, the engineer José Eduardo Callejas Romero was brutally murdered by two assassins on a motorbike. He was a supporter of the coup, but there is no direct evidence tying this to a political act.

RNS of Honduras Coup 2009 has an important comment here. I asked him whether he thought that recent killings were political. His opinion is that none of these are the work of the resistance, that there are (a) kidnappings for ransom, and (b) contract killings having to do with the corruption that plagues Honduras. Until the police start producing some plausible suspects, that’s probably our best hypothesis.

Via Ovid, in a comment at A Lovely Promise, an article by Professor Stephen Zunes:

It has been a great credit to the pro-democracy forces that, save for occasional small-scale rioting, the movement has largely maintained its nonviolent discipline. It would have been easy to launch a guerrilla war. Much of Honduras consists of farming and ranching country where many people own guns. The neighboring countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua have experienced bloody revolutionary struggles in recent decades. Yet, despite serious provocations by police and soldiers loyal to the provisional government, the movement has recognized that armed resistance would have been utterly futile and counter-productive. Indeed, they recognize that their greatest strength is in maintaining their commitment to nonviolence.

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