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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 22

Posted by Charles II on November 11, 2009

US Government exerts pressure on Micheletti dictatorship

(Image from El Heraldo. SubSubsecretary Craig Kelly, of the US State Department delivers a stern warning to ruling oligarch Roberto Micheletti)

I’m sort of back. I’ll try to post a little. And I’m very grateful to Phoenix Woman for carrying the ball.

Update: RAJ at Honduras Coup 2009 links to a La Tribuna article in which the Police Commissioner, Danilo Orellano is going to proceed criminally against news media which promote a boycott of the election. He has made a blacklist of everyone on the left, “from A to Z,” and blames the left for bombings and the destruction of electrical towers, even though the police have not managed to make any arrests.

Commenter Iqui Balam links to a piece in Habla Honduras in which Andres Pavón of the human rights group CODEH alleges that the military plans a massacre. Soldiers would disguise themselves as a “armed commandos of the Resistance,” and on the 29th of November would murder memvers of the far right Unión Cívica Democrática to destroy popular support for the Resistance. It might also get the UCD to attack the Resistance, thereby relieving the dictatorship of that chore. According to Pavón, military men loyal to Honduras told him this.

Via the Honduran embassy, former Ambassador White exposes the ineptness of the State Department’s maneuvering. Via Brother John, White has also dismissed the Venezuelan role in the run-up to the crisis, pointing out that Venezuela merely filled the vacuum that the lack of US leadership opened up. Brother John also reports on death threats against Father Salomé Peñate and the strong solidarity which the diocese has shown in resistance to these threats.

6 Responses to “Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 22”

  1. Alfredo said

    Judging from the smile on Michellit’s face what stern warning?

  2. RE: the update —

    These are the same police that have been leaving Honduran-military-issue grenades lying around and claiming that impoverished resistance protesters put them there?

    • Charles II said

      The very same.

      It’s absolutely ridiculous to blame the violence on the resistance, which has no access to weapons or explosives, while the military clearly has the latest in everything: poison gas, LRAD sonic cannons, cell phone jammers, etc.

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