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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 23

Posted by Charles II on November 12, 2009

Someone did a translation of a piece by Juan Almendares, which is posted at Adrienne’s.

RAJ posted a rebuttal to a comment made in a piece in The New York Times :

At this point, the options are diminishing, said Shelley A. McConnell, an assistant professor of government at St. Lawrence University and a former analyst at the Carter Center. If Mr. Zelaya is not returned, she said, the “pragmatic middle ground” may be to work with the O.A.S. to recognize the elections “under protest of how they came about.”

“You don’t punish the next guy,” she said.

“The next guy” being either coup participant Porfirio Lobos or coup participant Elvin Santos, both of whom would do very well with some punishment.

RAJ is too refined to publish my comment that Ms. McConnell appears to have fluff between the ears, but it’s a comment that I stand by. McConnell is concerned with the functionality of the Inter-American Charter to the exclusion of international law. International law is not just airy aspirations. It is the modern equivalent of the original US Constitution, a statement of fundamental human values and a Bill of Rights which serves as a beacon of hope to every person oppressed by dictatorship. The invasion of Iraq heralded an unprecedented breakdown of international law, and the unpunished coup in Honduras is of equal gravity. We ignore it– at our own peril– because it involves a small, poor nation. But precedents are set by how we treat those at the margins. If extremists were to seize power in the United States, how could we expect the world to support us in our struggle to remain free if we had despised the Honduran people as they sought merely to have enforced rights that the whole world recognizes as inherent to all human beings?



Today’s moment of Zen. Or something. From the US Dept. of State:

QUESTION: A follow-up on Honduras. What does the U.S. think about the human rights situation there right now? There have been mass arrests, curfews, an emergency decree, and a ban on protests and media closures for three weeks during the presidential campaign. Does that undermine the electoral process, in the view of the U.S.?

MR. KELLY: Regarding the – well, first of all, our real priority here is to see this accord implemented step by step. We’ve only gotten through step one, and we need step two and step three to be implemented.

Regarding the – these reports, I’m actually not aware of these reports of any actions to – you say ban rallies and – no, I’m not just aware of those reports. I think that we would need to have more details about it for us to really comment on it.

John Kerry has blamed State for the collapse of the agreement.

Zelaya told Craig Kelly of State that he doesn’t talk to coupistas. Left unclear was whether he was talking about Micheletti or Hillary Clinton.

Laura Carlsen has a good explanation of how the US sold out the rule of law to get a couple of appointees through the Senate.

Robin Emmott of Reuters:

Poor Hondurans are going hungry and their sick children cannot obtain medicines as donors cut aid to the country following a June coup that deposed President Manuel Zelaya, doctors and aid workers say.

Soup kitchens have closed, medicines have become scarce, foreign doctors have canceled trips to Honduras and funding for the poor to run small businesses have dried up, increasing unemployment….

The politically isolated de facto government of Roberto Micheletti, who took power after the army sent leftist Zelaya into exile, denies any impact from the suspension of foreign aid. It says only educational projects have been hurt.

According to TeleSur, 110 mayoral candidates and 55 congressional candidates have refused to run for office.

El Libertador is reporting that coupista employers are ordering employees to vote on pain of losing their jobs.

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A wonderful example of American Stalinist Art by Jon McNaughton

Posted by Charles II on November 12, 2009

Received from a friend:

This is an incredible painting by Jon McNaughton.

This painting represents McNaughton’s response to criticism of “One Nation Under God.”
Read the explanation below the painting and then view the painting. You can move the mouse over any person and the right side of the screen gives a description of that person. Just move the mouse, don’t click.

Notice Jesus Christ in the center with all his garments are explained. Notice Jesus Christ holding the U.S.
Constitution. Satan is also in the painting.

This is incredible ! ! !

Click here:
American Stalinist art 
Sort of a nice, condensed history lesson.

(the image is copyrighted, so you have to click through to see it)

My response:

Yeah, this is America, alright: blaming all the ills on college professors, liberals, reporter, lawyers, and judges rather than accepting our own responsibility, pretending that Christ is at the center of American life when we have the greatest proportion of poor in the industrialized world and spend half of all the money that is spent on war, putting the African Americans and Indians at the back of the bus, barely recognizing Hispanics or Asians or people of faiths other than the Christian at all (at best, as ignorant), and imagining that the Constitution–which enshrined slavery, f’r Heaven’s sake– was inspired by God.

That’s definitely the America that I know and do my best to love despite its many faults, chief among which is hypocrisy and second of which is maudlin art.

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Things You Don’t See Much In US Media

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 12, 2009

A man in Germany murdered a pregnant woman in open court in front of her husband, who was himself stabbed and shot at by apparent accident when he tried to save his wife. Why was she attacked? Because she wore an Islamic headscarf.

That reminds me: News accounts keep saying that over a hundred shots were fired by the alleged gunman in the Fort Hood shootings. Yet he only had one or perhaps two guns and was not known to have reloaded them, from any accounts I recall. Some of those bullets had to have been friendly fire.

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