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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 25

Posted by Charles II on November 14, 2009

Update2: An English language version of Andres Pavon’s allegations is available at Adrienne’s.

There are three basic allegations: the coup is compiling hit lists, people are being murdered by the regime (police units COECO and DNIC and the army units Tesone and Battalion 14 +5) and the murders not properly reported or investigated, and a massacre is planned for election day to discredit the resistance. The first two are almost certainly true. The latter could be true. Pavon also says that armed resistance has begun against the death squads. There are certain neighborhoods that have been so abandoned by society that the police are regarded as an enemy.

Obama: You’ve got mail A letter by Zelaya, in which he makes the point that he did everything demanded of him by the Obama Administration, which did nothing it promised.

The Catholic Institute of Paris will not be awarding any honors to the Cardemal (Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez), the Honduran embassy is pleased to announce.

Honduran Fashion Week, with designs by Goriletti

There are some great ads about Elvin and Pepe on the right side, including an intercepted cell phone call in which Elvin talks about using “national funds” for the campaign.

Also at Adrienne’s, US unions (in this case AFT 1021) continue to join in solidarity with Honduras and to demand that the Obama Administration stop screwing around.

Update: BoRev commented on the VOA editorial from the US Government. Good for a very brief laugh. (It’s also linked by Honduras Oye)

From El Cid at BoRev, a link to an article alleging that USAID money has ended up in the hands of the Colombian paramilitaries… some of whom have presumably been the ones who ended up in Honduras. Funds from Finagro, the Banco Agrario y Fiduagraria, Plan Colombia and USAID passed through the Bloque Central Bolivar (a group of paramilitaries shown on a map; scroll down to see the entry on the legend) and into businesses controlled by frontmen. This came to light when the Bloque paid reparations to victims of their violence. One leader, Rodrigo Perez Alzate, is known as Julian Bolivar. The justice system accuses the Bloque of almost 21,000 victims. They have confessed to 45 murders and 28 disappearances. The business mentioned was Cooproagrosur, located south of Bolívar in Simití, which received 228 million pesos (roughly $115K) from USAID for six ranches, including Rancho San Judas, El Amparo and Vista Hermosa.
Honduras Oye links a good article on Narconews by Tamar Sharabi about Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s visit to Honduras.

The police claim to have a list of who has planted explosives. Andres Pavon, the head of the human rights group CODEH claims to have obtained information about who is on the list, and that the police are planning to blame 58 year-old architect Luis Manuel Mayer Cáceres, and other leaders of the resistance. He says that the charge would be ridiculous, since he has never received any training on explosives and, as a child, didn’t burn so much as a “cachinflin” (a kind of fireworks). One might guess that the police are planning to sweep up all the leaders of the resistance just ahead of the elections, and then let them go for want of evidence.

The latest of the explosions has been assigned a not very plausible explanation possible by the police, according to pro-coup La Prensa. What is agreed is that there was an explosion at 11:20PM on Thursday in the southern part of the capital, near Miraflores, just as an airplane flew overhead. People thought it came from the airplane (the airplane was from a business, TACA, arriving from Guatemala). But miraculously(!) a resident of Miraflores, a watchman, showed up with the remains of a Russian PG-7M missile, which he found at 2AM during a routine patrol.
The media claim it is Russian. (Jane’s calls it Slovakian anti-tank weapon with a 110 mm (4.3″) warhead, but another source says it’s a 70 mm Russian weapon). El Heraldo calls it a surface-air missile. But what the police are holding appears to be the launcher, not fragments of the grenade. Why would anyone leave behind the launcher? The police are claiming that the missile was aimed at INFOP, where ballots were, even though the missile exploded 550 yards away (the police said that this is because the assailant was inexperienced). Well, maybe. I can think of a lot of questions that would have to be answered before I even considered this a hypothesis.

Channel 36 has an interview with Andres Pavon (of CODEH), who invites the police chief Danilo Orellano to come visit CODEH to learn how to do an investigation. He talks about Colombian paramilitary troops and of people dressed as COBRAs who invade people’s houses and beat them. Metal structures have been erected around a number of buildings. He believes that there are Israeli mercenaries at work [as far as I know, no evidence pro or con for this assertion has been presented]. A text message arrives saying that a cameraman taking pictures of the resistance was identified as associated with the coup. Will they close the media on election day? (program ends mid-sentence) Regrettably, I missed the first part of this interview.

There have been over ten thousand cases of dengue fever, including 228 cases of hemorrhagic dengue, according to pro-coup La Prensa.

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