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Death can’t take a holiday

Posted by Charles II on November 15, 2009

Eli has de mostest of de bestest here.

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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 26

Posted by Charles II on November 15, 2009

Update: In Tiempo, Micheletti proposes the theory that Venezuelans are flocking to Honduras to boycott the election. He (and the rest of the coup) just gets crazier.

The OAS InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights regards the restitution to power of the constitutional president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya as a non-negotiable point, “as a guarantee of the effective exercise of civil and political rights” and because “its impact will be reflected in the democratic health of the continent.”

The coup “has a direct impact on the human rights of the inhabitants of that country,” the IACHR affirmed in a press conference on Friday after the the close of the 137th period of sessions.

Meanwhile the IACHR envoy for Honduras, Felipe González, affirmed that the situation in Honduras is now “exceedingly serious” due to the violation of human rights which are produced in the context of the coup d’etat which toppled the constitutional president Manuel Zelaya lastJune 28th. …

Obama gets mail (English translation by RAJ). An excerpt:

Mr. President, in the Summit of Countries of the American Continent celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago at the beginning of this year, where I was present, you said

“That we should stop accusing the US for what it did in the past in the continent and that we should look toward the future”. The future that today shows us the alteration of your position in the case of Honduras and thus favors abusive intervention by military groups in the civic life of our State (historical cause of the backwardness and stagnation of our countries in the 20th century). It is nothing more than the sunset of liberty and a deprecation of human dignity, it is a new war against the process of social and democratic reform that are so necessary in Honduras.

President Obama, each time that a legitimate elected Government is overturned in the Americas violence and terrorism win a battle and Democracy suffers a defeat.

Dionicia Diaz, the grandmother of the resistance, has an interview, translated into English, at Honduras Resists.

Mary Anastasia O’Grady has another excrescence. In this one, we meet the investment-friendly cardinal:

Cardinal Rodríguez sees the rule of law as an important link to development. “The key is to assure justice,” he says, “because if you don’t have legal security, you are not going to invest. Investment is very important. With investments there are more jobs for our people.”

Speaking of investors, the cardinal says, “of course they are not all saints,” and human rights must be protected. “But what should we do without those jobs?” he asks. Then he adds, “Maquilas [assembly plants] are especially important for women, because their jobs have been a source of dignity. When they earn their own money they are no longer slaves to the macho man in their lives, who often is not even their husband.”

So, there you have it: most investors em saints, and all they require is justice. I guess that what constitutes justice depends on which end of the riot gun one is.

Pro-coup La Tribuna is lionizing Hans van Baalen, a Dutch congressman and the president of Liberal International who got thrown out of Nicaragua for urging the overthrow of the government (see below), because van Baalen is saying that Hugo Chavez’s friendships are dangerous.

From NRC Handelsblad:

European parliamentarian Hans van Baalen, from the Netherlands, was expelled from Nicaragua on Wednesday after the right-wing liberal politician had called on liberal parties there to unite in opposition against left-wing president Daniel Ortega….One of the people Van Baalen met in Nicaragua was liberal leader Arnoldo Alemán. The former president (1997-2002) stole at least 100 million dollars from the treasury and is known to have been one of the most corrupt leaders the country ever had….Pro-government journalists repeatedly attacked Van Baalen during the press conference. “If it were up to me, you would have been put across the border naked,” a reporter from Radio Sandino snapped at him.

It’s almost an episode out of Huck Finn, except that van Baalen is an influential person and according to La Tribuna is promising to recognize whoever gets “elected” on November 29th.

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