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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 28

Posted by Charles II on November 17, 2009

Tiempo remains down. Channel 36 is back, and Radio Globo remains up. [Later: Tiempo back up, but editorial section has vanished.]

According to Vos el Soberano, Father Tamayo has left the Brazilian embassy in the company of the Salvadoran ambassador, desiring to go to El Salvador. In violation of international law, Tamayo was deprived of his Honduran citizenship and he has been threatened with arrest.

Marvin Palacios of Defensores en Linea (Online Defenders) also says on Vos that the regime is photographing people on a massive scale.
Update: Via RAJ, Freddy Cuevas of the Associated Press, congressional president Jose Alfredo Saavedra says the Congress will not meet to consider the reinstatement of Zelaya until after the election. RAJ notes that Cuevas’s reporting seems to express the viewpoint of Honduran coup supporters and says:

Curiously, Cuevas’ report misstates what President Zelaya said in his letter to US President Obama, which was that he will not accept restoral because it will legitimate the elections. Instead, Cuevas says Zelaya said he would not accept restoration if it comes after the elections.

At MercRising, we only consider it curious if AP tells it straight.

In Tiempo (based on AFP reporting), Zelaya says the US is attempting to whitewash the coup. He says that the maneuver is to have Micheletti resign this Friday, and form a unity government cabinet, but with the coupistas having veto power. Zelaya made it clear again that he will not participate in this sort of sham.

Also in Tiempo, Pretend-Procurator Rosa América Miranda de Galo submitted a legal brief to the Congress in general terms explaining the legal situation. This is an interesting angle: why not demand prosecution, if the charges are so serious?

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