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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 34

Posted by Charles II on November 23, 2009

Update3: Radio Globo is available from The link is dead, though. Music now.
Update2: Zelaya wrote a letter to fellow heads of state, whose translation is at Narconews. An excerpt:

Appealing to maintain your firmness in the execution of the resolutions passed by the OAS and the UN and not adopting ambiguous and imprecise positions like those displayed today by the government of the United States of America, with whose final posture has weakened the process of reversing the coup d’etat, demonstrating division in the international community. By feeding this coup d’etat the democratic security in the hemisphere and the stability of the Presidents of América is put at risk, with the resurgence of military castes over civil authority.

I think the US has been quite clear and consistent. It believes in the rule of law on Mondays, Wednesdays, and alternate Fridays.
Update:Foreign Policy magazine ends with a whimper. Daniel Keating says that the world will accept the new imaginary government of Honduras, following wildly repressive sham elections.

Via Nell (in comments at HondurasCoup2009), Rights Action says that:

”It’s possible that when President Obama concentrates on the region’s problems relations between United States and South America will have deteriorated, let’s us hope it does not happen”, said Amorim in a Sunday interview with Folha de Sao Paulo.

When your close allies publicly warn you about deteriorating relations, relations have already deteriorated. The specific complaint by Amorim has to do with the Colombian bases, but having the US pal around with Honduran dictators can’t be helping.

On October 22, mayors and community leaders, in all municipalities in Honduras, received a letter from the Head of Human Resources, Chief of Communications, of the Honduran Armed Forces, asking for the names and phone numbers of community leaders that support the coup resistance movement and those that support the coup regime.

This means that the Honduran Army is asking that mayors, hugely important community leaders, become informants, or ‘orejas’ as they are known as, to hand over profiles of leaders that are organizing, resisting and speaking out against the illegal coup regime.

According to Mery Agurcia of COFADEH (Committee of the Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared) this information can be systemized by the military and “put in the hands of those that repress the population.”

The military writes:

By means of this request, I speak to a distinguished person, wishing that the Divine Creator of the Universe blesses you and your family and that you continue being successful as an authentic leader of your municipality.

As I said, it seems like everyone in Honduras has a touch of Jerusalem Syndrome.

In the same link, a link to this interesting story in Inside Costa Rica (which has magically disappeared from the original Mercopress location)

All major Honduran broadcast media appear to have been silenced. Radio Globo and Channel 36 have been silent for days. Yesterday evening, I could not get Radio Progreso. Now, I cannot get either Radio Progreso or even Radio Liberada. Tiempo has no reporting on anything related to the resistance.

According to Tiempo, Grenades were thrown by unknown persons at a vehicle in front of Abundant Life church and in the Pedregal where Elvin Santos was closing his campaign. The one in the Pedregal was supposedly more like a large firecracker.

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How To Stop A Massacre Before It Starts: Honduras Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 23, 2009

Charles notes a report by Narco News’ Tamar Sharabi that Andres Pavon, the head of CODEH, the Committee for Human Rights in Honduras and a key figure among those backing the lawfully-elected government and resisting the tyranny of the Micheletti coup, has been charged by the coup régime with “defamation of Romeo Vasquez Velasquez,” the general of the armed forces who is working for the golpistas, or coup leadership.

His crime? Urging Hondurans to boycott the fake elections and warning that the golpistas were planning to stage a massacre of Honduran people and then try to make it look like resistance workers did it.

Just as Seymour Hersh’s articles warning of the Bush Administration’s planned attacks on Iran were likely the key reason those attacks didn’t happen, Pavon’s bravery in spreading the word about the alleged planned massacres may well be what keeps them from happening. This is particularly true now that word of them has even made it to non-Spanish-language media, especially in the US, the chances of the golpistas being able to spin any such attack have dropped dramatically.

[UPDATE: Charles notes that the defamation charge is a month old, and the “impeding the election” charge is a new charge against Pavon.]

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