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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 36

Posted by Charles II on November 25, 2009

Update. The pooch has been well and truly screwed. Reuters:

Honduras’ Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that ousted President Manuel Zelaya cannot legally return to office, dimming the possibility of his reinstatement after a June coup, court sources said.

There are now two parts of my work on Honduras up at Daily Kos:

The Timetable and Motives behind the Honduras Coup

Radio Globo up, Channel 36 not. The dictatorship has admitted jamming Channel 36 (via HondurasCoup2009)

Brother John has a nice piece up titled Seeing the Poor.

Via Adrienne, Professor Luis Gradis Espinal, the southern coordinator for the Frente, has been murdered, apparently by police.

Adrienne met with “Mr. Christopher Webster (Director, Office of Central American Affairs), and his silent yet opinionated protégé, Gabriela Zambrano (Honduras Desk Officer).” Setting aside the fact that they sound like they could use a lesson in manners, there’s a lot of information in the article. It sounds as if pressure (both from the additional workload and not-so-happy US citizens) on State is taking a toll. They have (or at least Webster has) retreated into what Adrienne calls “magical realism,” and I would call fantasy. They claim that the resistance is doing violence, even though there’s no evidence for that. They claim that the resistance exaggerates the violence it suffers, even though outside groups have come in and documented what has happened. They are unaware that 300 candidates have withdrawn. In short, there’s evidence that State has become everything that bad government can achieve: small people, scared for their jobs, uninformed but afraid to learn something new because it would mean that they might have to do something. Webster expresses a fourth grader’s concept of how to do diplomacy. For example, TINA (There is No Alternative to elections) so we have to go along. I guess State imagines that elections are like a heartbeat: if democracy stops, have an election! Nowhere does Adrienne describe any awareness by Webster of what the human beings in Honduras are going through.

Al Giordano has news of the latest Decrees:

Decree PCM-M-029-2009

“Due to growing internal threats,” the Armed Forces will be deployed, in support of the National Police, to guard polling places, the custody and transport of ballots (before and after they are utilized by voters), and 5,000 members of the military reserve were deputized beginning on November 13.

Decree PCM-M-030-2009

This decree declares a “State of Emergency” nationwide, and places the regime’s “Secretary of State” inside the military command to oversee all activities related to the November 29 “elections.” This decree pretty much erases the previous order that the quasi-independent Supreme Electoral Tribunal would exclusively be in command of the Armed Forces in the month prior to the “election.” In other words, not even the window dressing added to give the vote a gloss of pseudo-independence could be tolerated by regime leader Roberto Micheletti, who has now placed a member of his Simian Council at that helm.

Decree PCM-M-031-2009

The November 29 “elections are under threat by groups that try to block their development with threats of all kinds, creating fear and disorder in the general population.” Therefore, says the decree, a nationwide ban on bearing all types of firearms went into effect on Monday, November 23, “until ordered otherwise.” (Memo to self: Make sure to write the National Rifle Association about Senator Jim DeMint’s efforts in Honduras.)

Peru will recognize the elections. Paraguay will not. Grenades from an RPG-7 launcher exploded in two government buildings, without injuring anyone. For some reason, the attackers keep leaving their launchers around. 50 candidates from PINU and UD withdrew; among them, Israel Salinas.

BoRev had way too much fun for it to be legal with Mary Anastasia’s O’Grady’s slurs against Evo Morales. Here are excerpts of MAOG:

dictatorship end of what’s left of Bolivian liberty narco-dictatorship Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad controls voters Morales’s rule power grab policy of terror Hard-left violent protests coca growers’ movement duress legal patina for an illegal coup. terrorism persecute thugs killed remnants of democratic capitalism dictator ideological communist fear. mob boss coca business cocaine production and trafficking hate the U.S. and freedom

They should cut her pay. At least 50% of this column has been recycled from her slurs against Manuel Zelaya.

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