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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 37,

Posted by Charles II on November 26, 2009


Honduras Resists: 7am – Thurs 11/26 – University students have taken over the National Autonomous University and reached an agreement with the rector for there to be no more classes. The University was to be a center for voting and is now under control of the Resistance.
In my long campaign of arguing with God over the terrible things that happen in this world, I am engaging in a partial fast for Thanksgiving.

The weapon on the left is a Colt 5.56 mm Sub-Compact. The young lady, presumably a “camisa blanca” (coup supporter) is from a photo at La Jornada.

The coup has declared that ballpoint pens are lethal weapons, and is forbidding their entry into the Brazilian embassy. Books, paper, fruit: very dangerous. Ironically, the Rottweiler they were using to sniff food died of stress, presumably from the sound weapon.

(Via a commenter at Narconews) The New Yorker has an article about Honduras. It’s behind a paywall, and there’s nothing much that MR readers don’t already know. It was written before the agreement fell apart. But it has some interesting confirmations. It says that the closest the resistance came to violence was over the burning of Popeye’s, which the resistance claims was done by the regime. This is an important point. Coup supporters claim that the resistance is responsible for the violence. But I cannot find the slightest evidence for this claim. Most of the non-regime sponsored violence seems top be drug- and crime-related, not to mention personal vendettas.

Radio Globo is up, but parts are impossible to follow. Congresswoman Sylvia Ayala. The Supreme Court has Marcelo Chimirri of Hondutel on trial for abuse of office and fraud. He is the nephew of Manuel Zelaya. The police are confiscating everything from machetes to scissors as weapons?! Ambassador to the OAS from Honduras Carlos Sosa Coello has returned to Honduras (see EFE). The Carter Center will not send observers for the election. Italy is not taking a position on the elections (meaning that they will probably recognize them)

Via Adrienne, the Latin American Working Group:

Basic conditions do not exist for free, fair, and transparent elections in Honduras. A cloud
of intimidation and restrictions on assembly and free speech affect the climate in which
these elections take place.

Also from Adrienne, Oscar says:

The campaign of terror carried out by the dictatorship agaist the popular sectors is going forth just as Andrés Pavón, president of CODEH, stated it would a couple weeks ago. The attack perpetrated using military arms against the politician and businessman from Olancho, Ulisis Sarmiento, was just the beginning.

Today the body of professor Gradis Espinal, teacher with the resistance, is buried in the south of the country. His body was discovered yesterday, hands bound and executed…

In the city of El Progreso, the police carried out intensive operations in the houses of the Resistance leaders and claim to have found a small arsenal of weapons … Among the weapons confiscated were various pounds of nails that according to the spokesman can be used to make “miguelitos” or traps that can be laid down on a road to puncture the tires…

In the city of Danlí, several youths were kidnapped by the army …

Tonight Milton Jimenes Puerto, close collaborator, ex-minister and friend of Zelaya’s who has been in hiding since June 28th, was arrested….

…(the regime announces with pleasure the arrival of the insignificant association [Phyllis Schlafly!] Concerned Women of America which comes, together with the “State” of Taiwan, as observers and witnesses …

…. the journey to national liberation, toward the refounding of Honduras, has begun.

HondurasOye reminds me of an important interview of Romeo Vasquez Velasquez, which I will be writing about.

Also via HondurasOye, the UN will not be involved in the Honduras elections.

Sarah Stephens, Director of the Center for Democracy in the Americas says that the US should not recognize the elections:

It’s within this atmosphere of murder, fear, reprisals and recrimination that the de facto government is readying for elections on Sunday…. I am concerned about what type of precedent the United States government would set if it recognizes the winner of an election designed, in part, to erase a bloody and unjust military coup. If our government blesses this election, and the majority of governments in our hemisphere do not, we will be divided from our allies and our credibility as advocates for democracy will be compromised once again.

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