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Honduras Coup, Act V, Day 39

Posted by Charles II on November 28, 2009

(Image from Honduras Resists via HondurasOye)
Update: I missed this. Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle has a piece, The joke and the jokers: Old Hawk Diplomacy and Multilateralism, in which he speaks frankly.

He calls out the game that the US has played:

Someone has to say it to the American people. The people of Honduras feel betrayed by the United States government and resent the bad joke played by American diplomats at its expense. We were led to believe first that the US government sympathized with our plight, only to discover gradually that it is willing to back and whitewash the dictatorship imposed on us. It is not a personal impression; the jokers have names and faces, which we will take note of and remember. Nor is it a matter only of declarations. The facts that speak for themselves, and are of, as yet, unknown but almost certainly terrible consequences

Radio Globo: A soldier died in a truck accident. Military established a cordon around Gijuatepeque (sp?) (El Paraiso?) searching for election materials and arms. They invaded the center of a resistance group. They didn’t present an order, so it was illegal.

Radio Globo has a long interview with a colonel regarding youths who were injured, but I’m pretty busy and can’t follow it well. Popular groups from El Salvador and Guatemala (Aguacaliente) have seized the highway and customs posts to block traffic to or from their countries in sympathy with the resistance. Luis Galdamez: the bloodbath at the checkpoint is a “verguenza” for the people. Three youths who didn’t respond to the police order to stop have been injured and are in the Hospital Escuela (the first report was of deaths) in the Sector Sor (?). Zelaya says the society has reverted to the law of the jungle, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and that the resistance must not stain its hands by supporting the dictatorship by voting. Zelaya mentions a letter by British politicians urging the US not to recognize the elections. The people must stay in state. Then the interview moves over to STIBYS (the Beverage Workers). Now an Amnesty International Report by Javier Zuniga: There are people dead, people wounded, and people jailed. But there are other violations: Freedom expression, movement, association.Threats and menacing. The atmosphere is not propitious for an election. We have had access to some official documents showing purchases of gas grenades and have seen the grenades. They can cause death at short range. Tanks which dispense high pressure water can injure people. The announcer says that that the “observers” are from the Chamber of Commerce and private enterprise, but no observers from governments.

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This is where Republicans get their news

Posted by Charles II on November 28, 2009

A Fox news graphic
(From Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture)

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