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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 1

Posted by Charles II on November 30, 2009

Act I: The evil chancellor deposes the rightful ruler of Platania, Commander Cowboy
Act II: The rightful ruler seeks refuge with the Empire of Justness and Freedom and Apple Pie with Whipped Cream and a Cherry. Reassured that “We’re right behind you,” he attempts to return to Platania, but is rebuffed.
Act III: Much toing and froing and diplomatizing and stuff.
Act IV: The Empire of Justness and Freedom and Apple Pie with Whipped Cream and a Cherry declares that it is, too, in favor of Justness and Freedom and Apple Pie with Whipped Cream and a Cherry, just not very much so. It demands that Commander Cowboy continue to diplomatize with the evil chancellor despite the fact that the evil chancellor left the room, like, an hour ago saying he had to wash his hair ’cause it’s Friday and says that he’s half-way responsible if the evil chancellor does something besides washing his hair.
Act V: The evil chancellor sodomizes a dog to celebrate the complete humiliation of Justness and Freedom. The Empire re-christens itself the Empire of Whipped Cream Pie, and declares victory.
Act VI: As after every incident involving the Underpants Gnomes– ???!?

The first question is what the turnout was. Fortunately, RAJ and RNS are on the story, because I’m wrapping Christmas gifts and otherwise, y’know, doing stuff. They say that the Electoral Tribunal is spinning a 60% turnout, while their own exit polling firm projected that turnout was under 50%. So far they’ve produced 1,606,000 actual valid ballots out of what Tiempo says are 4,600,000 voters, or 35% participation.

The State Dept. sets a new record for incoherence. Figure out what this means.

First Valenzuela gives a talk at the OAS on November 23rd in which it sounds like this is important!:

What is at stake with Honduras is nothing less than the credibility of the OAS and its members in living up to the call for the collective defense of democracy enshrined in the Charter. The United States, together with the rest of the Member States, rendered a unanimous verdict in judging that the duly elected president of Honduras, who was approaching the end of his term, had been removed from office by a coup d’état. There is no other word to describe the abrupt and forced exile of a head of state. Moreover, if any citizen, including a head of state, is alleged to have transgressed the law, forceful exile without due process of law is a violation of one of the most basic principles of democratic governance whose origins come to us through the ages from the Magna Carta of 1215. When the de facto government refused to return President Zelaya to office, the United States formed part of the unanimous determination that Honduras should be suspended under the Inter American Democratic Charter as a member of the Organization of American States.

Next, he faces the press today.

QUESTION: Is there any chance that the U.S. will not recognize the results of this election? Because you didn’t say that the U.S. will recognize —
MR. VALENZUELA: I don’t want to get into hypotheticals. What’s – what is clear is that the Honduran people did vote yesterday, and they voted by an ample margin for a gentleman by the name of Pepe Lobo. I – he will be the next president of Honduras For the countries of the hemisphere and for the United States to work towards the restoration of Honduras to the Organization of American States later on, Honduras must do more than just simply this election. It must follow a process of national reconciliation through a government of national unity.(blahblahblah

But the government of national unity has already been formed! It is Micheletti who, in his person, has bound up the nation into one.

Notice that the US has recognized Lobo as President-elect of Honduras, but Valenzuela evades the question about the elections.

QUESTION: …Are you recognizing the results [of the election]?
MR. VALENZUELA: We take note of the results, yes. We recognize that there are results in Honduras for this election. That’s quite clear.

Allow that bit of wisdom to sink in. Next, Valenzuela continues:

We recognize those results, and we commend Mr. Lobo for having won these elections. And as I say, this is an important step to restore the democratic and constitutional order in Honduras.
QUESTION: Do you see —
QUESTION: So is it not a legitimate concern that by recognizing the election, you could be encouraging further coups?

OK! He’s finally admitted that the US has recognized the results of the election!

MR. VALENZUELA: No, because I think that we have to make absolutely clear that any country that encourages a military coup, or if a military coup takes place, they run the risk of actually being suspended from the Organization of American States, of not being recognized by the Organization of American States.

So, see. If you form a dictatorship, you won’t get a key to the men’s washroom at the OAS. Or at least maybe you won’t. That’ll show ’em!

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