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Hagedorn: “The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 2, 2009

You know, if the state and national Republicans really want to take back Minnesota’s First Congressional District from Tim Walz, they’re going to have to deal with the Clown Car Syndrome that has afflicted their candidates over the last few election cycles.

First, they assumed that nobody would really be able to take out Gil Gutknecht, who had been the representative of that district since 1994, when he came in as one of Newt Gingrich’s barbarians at the DC gates. Surprise! Walz won by six percentage points due to hard work, shoe leather, and a tremendously savvy and well-funded ground organization.

Second, they assumed that MN-01, since it had been a Republican district for most of the previous century before Walz’ win, was still a Republican CD at heart and that his win was a fluke. This meant that they didn’t really take the 2008 race all that seriously, allowing joke candidates like Dick Day and Brian Davis to slug it out for the RPM nomination to face Walz in the general. The result? In a CD that only went for Obama by four percentage points, the new incumbent Walz crushed eventual Republican nominee Brian Davis by nearly a two-to-one margin.

Now, one would think that the Republicans would have been ready with a credible candidate from the start after Walz handed them their buttocks last year. But nooooooo — the first person to throw his hat into the proverbial ring was none other than longtime antigay, antifeminist Christian conservative and failed gubernatorial candidate Allen Quist, whose second wife Julie works for Michele Bachmann as her district manager and who is most noted locally for being the man whose first wife Diane was killed while pregnant with their tenth child in a car accident in December 1986; he showed his undying love for her by a) pulling the six-and-a-half-month-old fetus’ body out of her womb and putting it in her arms so they could be displayed that way in the casket, and b) marrying his second wife about six months later.

Quist’s quirkiness, plus his habit of losing elections, apparently makes some local Republicans quite nervous, as Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen discusses here and here. That nervousness may well be why Jim Hagedorn, the son of former Minnesota congressman Tom Hagedorn and a Washington, DC resident and insider for 25-odd years, has now decided to move back to Minnesota and compete with Quist for the right to challenge Tim Walz.

But if anyone thinks that Hagedorn is an improvement over Quist in terms of Clown Car Syndrome, they might want to think again. As Paul Schmelzer reports for the Minnesota Independent:

As mentioned earlier, GOP candidate Jim Hagedorn removed posts from his “Mr. Conservative” blog prior to announcing his bid this morning for U.S. Rep. Tim Walz’s seat, but a review of scrubbed posts reveals a brand of humor that might not sell well in southern Minnesota, including jokes about the death of Northfield-professor-turned-U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone just 11 days earlier.


He concluded the section with a prediction — a Walter Mondale win in the Senate race that Norm Coleman eventually won: “Goofdale will win, something like 50 – 46 with the independent parties taking the remainder.”

As mentioned earlier, the post also includes an analysis of the 2002 race in South Dakota, in which Hagedorn wrote of voter registration irregularities on Native American reservations:

Voter backlash against the Democrat’s (typical) election-stealing maneuvers will be the margin of victory for Thune. Leave it to liberals to ruin John Wayne’s wisdom of the only good Indian being a dead Indian.

BSP’s Sorensen also notes a few more of the now-scrubbed bons mots by Mr. Conservative, such as this musing on the failed nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court:

The nomination of White House legal hack Harriet Miers to fill the bra of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor simply enhances the bush-league legacy of a family that time and again proves the Peter Principle applies to elective politics.

Yes, kids: Hagedorn is one of those conservatives who thinks the Bushes are too liberal. Plus, he’s prone to bouts of racist, sexist tastelessness that aren’t even close to being funny. No wonder he — or whoever is advising him — had his site scrubbed.

As Schmelzer points out, this is all reminiscent of similar efforts by Gil Gutknecht to scrub away the inconvenient history of his term-limits pledge from online repositories. And as I mentioned already, Gutknecht just happens to be the the gent that Tim Walz defeated back in 2006.

Like I said: Clown Car Syndrome.

[UPDATE: Geez, I forgot all about Randy Demmer’s entering the race! The RPM’s Clown Car is getting pretty crowded.]


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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 3

Posted by Charles II on December 2, 2009

Channel 36: The Supreme Court has recognized that there are charges against Zelaya, but that there are also “amparos de recurso” (petitions for stay) pending. So, they say restitution is an act for the Congress [this is correct]. The Public Minister argues that actually it’s a judicial issue. The Minister invokes the “Accord “of Tegucigalpa-San Jose, but says that the Accord is “an order.” He claims that Micheletti was elected with a majority of votes [which is horse manure, since Micheletti was installed contrary to the Constitution in a session that was illegally convened to exclude any Congressmen who might oppose his installation.] The Congress moves to approve Decree 141 of June 28th, which sounds like it’s about to close the door. Channel 36 says that they have ratified the coup and shattered the Accord of San Jose. One UD Congressman, I think Cesar Ham, rises to call the coup a coup and to oppose the motion. He says that he and his party will defend the Constitutional Convention to the death, because they believe the Constitution requires structural change. The Congress gets rowdy as he says that 28 people have been killed by the dictatorship. Another Congressman, Former Defense Minister Eduardo Orellana, points out the lack of due process: If we can do this to the President, we can do anything to anyone. He said that a Decree cannot be revised while there is a motion. Another Congressman, I think Silva Moncada, says that it was a coup. Margarita Zelaya says “Against the coup.” But it’s being rammed through.
Today is the day when the phony restoration of Manuel Zelaya is scheduled to take place. He has already said he will not accept it, since the failure to convene the Congress back in October represented a violation of the Accord– not just the spirit, as coup defenders sometimes admit, but a violation of the “Accord.” As I have pointed out previously, the Accord as signed required the formation of a “unity government” and that the Congress be convened to debate his restitution. But for those to happen, he needed to be on board. When Micheletti appointed himself as the head of the “unity government” without convening the Congress, Zelaya sensibly abandoned the process.

Consider: In its preamble, it states “To achieve reconciliation and strengthen democracy, we will form a Government of Unity and National Reconciliation made up of representatives of the various political parties and social organizations…” Was a government appointed by Michiletti appointed by “we”? The accord states that “we affirm our will to comply in all its measures with article 272 of the Constitution of the Republic of Honduras, according to which the Armed Forces remain at the disposition of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) from one month before the general elections”. But decrees were issued that eliminated the authority of the TSE to control the army. The Accord states that “To achieve reconciliation and fortify democracy, in the spirit of the themes of the proposed San Jose Accord, both negotiating commissions have decided, respectfully, that the National Congress… should resolve in that proceeding in respect to ‘return the incumbency of Executive Power to its state previous to the 28 of June until the conclusion of the present governmental period, the 27 of January of 2010’.” While the negotiators could not bind the Congress, this was scheduled to occur on 30 October (Formal delivery of the accords to Congress for the effects of point 5, of “Executive Power”.), yet the dictatorship stalled and stalled and finally did not fulfill the required delivery until after the elections. The Accord states that “The Verification Commission will be charged with giving witness of the strict completion of all of the points of this Accord,…Incompletion of any of the commitments contained in this Accord, proven and declared by the Verification Commission, will produce the activation of measures that the Commisssion will establish against the transgressor or transgressors.” So the Verification Commission would be unable to verify anything without the Zelaya-appointed delegate. Of course, the Micheletti-appointed delegate could frustrate any punishment. The US and the Micheletti government wanted to have a fig leaf long enough to get through the elections. They got that, but now find themselves naked before the world.

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