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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 6

Posted by Charles II on December 5, 2009

Legislative Plaza, Tegucigalpa
(The photo by elkrasture at Chiapas Indymedia is from the area around the Honduran Legislature. Graffiti say things like “Pig Plaza” and “Congresspuppets”. The caption of the relief engraving says, “Because Liberty has recovered Dominion of the Earth, 16 July 1841)

Laura Carlsen has an amusing update on the celebration of democracy that Honduras just enjoyed:

I have been here in Honduras watching the development of the elections since Friday, Nov. 27. Last night I gave a television interview to an international agency. A group of credentialed elections observers gathered around and immediately began yelling insults at me when we finished the filming. I am attaching a letter to the U.S. Embassy that I sent last night. These are the highlights of what occurred:
* Supposedly impartial observers call for me to be thrown out of the country for criticizing the elections
* Over fifty people surround me and order me to “tell the truth about our democracy” (which I readily agree to do) and accuse me of being a “liar” and “enemy of Hondurans”
* Tribunal Court security escorts me out of angry crowd
* Honduran press reports that I am Venezuelan and an agent of Chavez

Amusing if you didn’t happen to be the person surrounded by a screaming mob of thugs and yahoos pretending to be independent observers, that is.

On Channel 36, Andres Pavon says that they’re removing the barriers because a UN commission is coming. He says that 15 people are still in the embassy. Some people left today. They discuss the OAS meeting. Today, the Brazilian cabinet head (Dilma Rousseff), a potential presidential candidate, said Brazil would “consider” the elections, which sounds like a softening of position, but it’s hard to tell. Then they review the elections of Congressmen. The National Party romped, of course, since many of the people boycotting were liberals. Liberals did not take a single top slot, and only one or two seconds.
The archive of the OAS meeting, via HondurasOye

Luis Albor:

The tiny Central American country, one of the poorest in the hemisphere, had its democracy trampled on June 28 by a military coup. Legitimately elected President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped at gunpoint, forcibly expelled from his country and replaced with Roberto Micheletti, who had tried and failed three times before to become president.

To add insult to injury, Honduras now faces an attempt by the usurpers to whitewash their actions by cynically portraying the Nov. 29 election as democratic.

Sad – and amazingly shortsighted – is that Washington, after initially taking a principled position and condemning the coup, turned its back on democracy and now supports the golpistas.

Having seized and occupied the houses in the neighborhood and destroyed business in the area, the dictatorship has now removed some of the concrete barriers around the Brazilian embassy.


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