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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 7

Posted by Charles II on December 6, 2009


From Oscar:

The Oligarchy seriously distrusts Pepe Lobo, not because he is not sufficiently conservative–four years as president of the National Congress during Maduro’s administration made this quite clear–but because they no longer believe in anyone who distances themselves even a little bit from their circle, and having been a communist in his youth, having studied a couple months in Moscow and being from Olancho, he immediately becomes too close to Melism [Zelaya] and they fear he will buckle under popular pressure.

Arturo Cano of La Jornada of Mexico has an article for you Opus Dei fans, explaining their role in the coup.

Four thousand (our of 45 thousand) of the “actas” (voting documents) show irregularities, according to Tiempo. These include erasures, blots, a lack of signatures, etc. In one voting center in Choloma, there were 1000 votes from 100 voters. Forty percent of the “maletas” (electoral kits), with their ballot boxes and ballots are missing according to voting official Martinez Quezada.

The NYT has a muddled editorial, which it titles “The Honduras Conundrum”

There is wide agreement that last week’s presidential election in Honduras, won by the conservative leader Porfirio Lobo, was clean and fair.

Well, yes, except among the 300 candidates who refused to participate because of the atmosphere of intimidation and violence, including the candidate favored by the resistance, Carlos H. Reyes, whose arm was broken and whose body was battered by those clean and fair police. Not to mention the United Nations, the Carter Center, and the OAS, all of which refused to send observers because of the atmosphere of violence and intimidation. Continuing:

…Over all, it [the State Department] betrayed a disturbing lack of diplomatic skill.

Which is very unfortunate, since the State Department is where America’s diplomats happen to be concentrated. Perhaps we should have had our soybean inspectors do the negotiating.

…The de facto government of Roberto Micheletti and other coup supporters must step down and be replaced by a unity government that includes high-level appointees from Mr. Zelaya. That unity government should create the truth commission. Civil liberties must be restored, including freedom of the press. And when the Lobo government takes office, it must clearly demonstrate its commitment to democracy.

This is extremely likely to happen, since Lobo was one of the coup-makers and is therefore as dedicated to democracy as the State Department is to diplomacy.

Larry Birns of COHA:

The staging of the Honduran presidential election on November 29 was meant to represent a satisfactory resolution of the Hondurancrisis in Washington’s thinking. But to short-sighted U.S.policymakers, the magnitude and prohibitive costs of their maladroit strategy are being left out of the equation. …

Rather than an improved U.S. hemispheric policy pointing at an innovative direction or noticeably advancing the U.S. national interest abroad, Clinton acted as if her post was in a third term of the Bush administration. Her management of the crisis added nothing to this administration’s credentials for constructive engagement or as a vigilant sentinel guarding a democratically-elected leader against the extra-constitutional plotting of the Honduran military and a historically corrupt bureaucracy. If anything, Clinton’s Central American policies bolstered regional suspicions regarding the true nature of Washington’s commitment to defending democratic governance throughout the developing world.


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