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A Gift at the Right Price

Posted by Charles II on December 7, 2009

(via Barry Ritholtz)

Shopping for that special someone, but don’t have money to spare? Try ManyBooks, which offers free e-books. I haven’t checked it out in detail, but at least one is worth more than you would pay for it (here).


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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 8

Posted by Charles II on December 7, 2009

Thanks to Nell in comments,

Busy today.

A great quote, attributed to former US ambassador to Honduras, Crescencio Arcos: “In Honduras, justice is like snakes. It only bites bare feet.” The article is about how employers demand that women produce proof that they aren’t pregnant before hiring them.

Update: Channel 36 complains that CONATEL is interfering with their broadcast and is runn. Prices are skyrocketing; one lady’s electric bill went up four fold. Dick Emanuelsson has an interview on turnout.

A very interesting article has disappeared from the Tiempo website. A trace of the cache is still there. It says: militares y hasta hillary clinton habrían evitado el golpe a mella calma volvió al congreso nacional cuando supuestamente las fuerzas armadas abortaron el golpe técnico que las cúpulas de los partidos liberal y nacional ……/21806-militares-y-hasta-hillary-clinton-habrian-evitado-el-golpe-a-mel (The “…” stands for secciones/el-pais).

The translation is that members of the military and even hillary clinton may have avoided a coup to mel calm returned to the national congress when supposedly the armed forces aborted a technocal coup that the top echelons of the liberal and national parties… There’s an article by Ivana Cardinale of Prensa Web YVKE on Vos that asks, partly based on this article, whether US ambassador Hugo Llorens was behind the coup. That article says this was published on June 26th. A query has been sent to the paper.

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