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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 14

Posted by Charles II on December 13, 2009

No pasa nada. Except a resistance member, Santos Corrales García, was decapitated in Talanga, presumably by the police. (via Hibueras). Funny how this is a heinous war crime when practiced by the Taliban or the Iraqi resistance, but just par for the course when it’s a dictatorship we love.

In addition to Corrales Garcia, Vilma Martínez, Sandra Yamilet Ordóñez, Luis Carballo and Isidro Baca were tied up and transported north and south of Tegucigalpa and told not to return to their homes.

In the ongoing attempt to legitimize the coup, former president Richard Maduro Joest says the Congress should amnesty everyone, otherwise, someone could try to re-open the can of worms. Since he’s saying something sensible, it’s inevitable that he will be ignored.

In an apparent parody of of a senior church leader, Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez calls for solidarity, love, and justice for Christmas.


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Check those listings

Posted by Charles II on December 13, 2009

The People Speak is on HNN tonight at 8 Eastern. This is based on Howard Zinn.

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