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Honduras, Act VI, Day 14

Posted by Charles II on December 14, 2009

From TSE:
Votos Blanco: 59,391
Votos Nulo: 91,811
Total: 2,280,218
Total Actas: 99.23%

That would make the number of valid ballots cast 2,129,016. Since the number of voters was 4.6 million, that makes the real turnout 46%. And even that probably required some ballot box stuffing.

Radio Globo: I caught a few minutes. Access has been dicey. Channel 36: The government is interfering with the signal. However, Ch. 36 had a picture of Silvio Berlusconi who was assaulted by someone with psychological problems and were showing it as an example of what politicians most fear: public humiliation. I have to give them props: they had arranged to give the photo a greenish tinge, so it looked much, much worse than the original, sort of like something off a horror film. Apologies, Mr. Berlusconi–I will say 10 Hail Marys and an Our Father in penance– but it gave me a laugh. At any rate, the point is that the US and Brazil have agreed that Micheletti has to go, which Micheletti (who I think is a sociopath) probably doesn’t appreciate. And back to buses and gas prices. Now a woman says four thousand “actas” (voting documents) from San Pedro Sula have appeared that shouldn’t be there.
Update: Part 4 of Whom the gods would destroy is up at DK.

Channel 36: Gas prices.

Buses in Tegucigalpa are on strike because the dictatorship isn’t paying a bonus promised by the Zelaya government prior to the coup. The Adjunct Secretary of State Arturo Valenzuela is in Brazil to discuss the differences the two governments have.

Surprise: Hondurans think that there’s a lot of corruption.


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