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Honduras Coup, Act VI, Day 16

Posted by Charles II on December 16, 2009

Image by Dawn Paley, Upside Down World
(Image by Dawn Paley, Upside Down World)

Honduras: El país de no pasa nada.

Pedro Hurtado of Kaos en la Red gives figures showing that the Supreme Electoral Court probably gave out phony figures from the early count to inflate turnout.
Two good articles via Adrienne:
Council on Hemispheric Affairs says elections need closer scrutiny
Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle on the major lies associated with the coup
What better way for Micheletti to respond to the murder of Walter Trochez than to blame the “assassins of the Resistance” for the murder of eight-month pregnant Nicolle Rodriguez Cabrera, the 16 year-old daughter of Channel 8 journalist Karol Cabrera, and the wounding of two others (the child was saved)? Is there any evidence for this? Not a bit. El Heraldo reports it as fact, again without the slightest evidence. The assassins were on a motorcycle and haven’t been apprehended so obviously they must be … well, whatever. The notion that maybe this was a revenge killing by a boyfriend who objected to her being pregnant by another boyfriend… well, that won’t even be mentioned.

Meanwhile, a transvestite was discovered castrated and decapitated by the San Pedro Sula-Puerto Cortes highway.

Pretendisent Lobo says Micheletti should “reflect” on the issue of Micheletti’s resignation so that a “unity government” may be formed. That would be the resignation that Lobo and Micheletti didn’t mention during their recent meeting.

John Perry at London Review has a good post on the election and the current situation.

Zelaya accuses Micheletti of embezzling $100 million of ALBA/PetroCaribe money to support the dictatorship.

Mark Weisbrot gives 10 reasons why you should believe the US was behind the coup (via HondurasOye). The number one way you can tell?

The Obama administration has never condemned the massive human rights violations committed by the coup regime.

Adrienne Pine

The previous week, another presidential decree rescinded constitutional protectiol),s of
freedom’ of speech, assembly and press for 45 days. With these decrees, which at this writing
remain in place despite reports to the contrary, Honduran independent media has been effectively
silenced. .

‘The list of human rights violations is long, and the military government’s policies, fit
even the narrowest definition of totalitarianism fascism.

The correction is Adrienne’s.

I missed everything good on the electronic media. But on Channel 36, they are giving condolences to Karol Cabrera. Esdras Amado Lopez condemns the murders and that unscrupulous people are using this as political fodder.

The Cardinal of Honduras, Oscar Andrés Rodríguez, says that the saddest thing about the aftermath of the coup is that people have lied about it. The machine gunnings only exist in the minds of sick people, he says.


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The next coup 2?

Posted by Charles II on December 16, 2009

Americas Quarterly:

A senior member of the agency tasked with protecting Guatemalan President Álvaro Colom was shot and killed yesterday in a coordinated attack involving multiple assailants in Guatemala City. The victim, Rubén Sagastume Pozuelos, was the agent in charge of protecting President Colom’s children.

The attack is the latest in a series of incidents involving the Secretariat for Administration and Security (SAAS). In September, the director of SAAS was detained on espionage charges following the discovery of covert audio and video recording equipment in the president’s offices and residence. It also follows a series of death threats against the president received by the agency, which were issued by the Mexico-based Golfo drug cartel.

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